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Living and Gaming

Rank 30 Free Company "Living and Gaming" was formed on and registered on with ID 9233505136016444954. Last set of interviews conducted on .

has the following slogan:

SEA+OCE FC | DISCORD.GG/7WV6Ark | Contact: Jin Senko#314

Operates on Tonberry, Elemental, leaving tags "L A G" all over the place and increasing glory of MaelstromMaelstrom. Has a large base named "LAG Castle" on plot 32 in ward 2 of Mist, Limsa Lominsa, Vylbrand Show on map.

Has this message on its plot placard:

Welcome to the LAG Castle! | DISCORD.GG/7WV6Ark
Contact Jin Senko#3142 for invite

Participates in:

  • LevelingLeveling
  • CasualCasual
  • DungeonsDungeons
  • GuildhestsGuildhests
  • TrialsTrials
  • RaidsRaids

Is recruiting:

  • TankTank
  • HealerHealer
  • CrafterCrafter
  • GathererGatherer

Current members:

Jin Senko Crew Lead Jin Senko Mariste Cyulura Decorator Mariste Cyulura Ramsez Ristelen Founding Father Ramsez Ristelen Raxaro Avagnar Crew Raxaro Avagnar Yisui Kha Crew Yisui Kha Biii Bii Old Hand Biii Bii Houndoom' Megistus' Old Hand Houndoom' Megistus' Houndoom' Primordial' Old Hand Houndoom' Primordial' Luna Ishtar Old Hand Luna Ishtar Arianne Hawthorne Envoy Arianne Hawthorne Bella Chia Envoy Bella Chia Cyrus Lokk Envoy Cyrus Lokk Del Tohmatsu Envoy Del Tohmatsu Gaeryen Gwathlaer Envoy Gaeryen Gwathlaer Ililea Rilea Envoy Ililea Rilea Lebel Lumiel Envoy Lebel Lumiel Markus Larter Envoy Markus Larter Moca Underblade Envoy Moca Underblade Nympheria Rhaegal Envoy Nympheria Rhaegal Rae Silphe Envoy Rae Silphe Ran Turniphead Envoy Ran Turniphead Ariel Leonhart INDUCT ME! Ariel Leonhart Astraea Levana INDUCT ME! Astraea Levana Candi Candy INDUCT ME! Candi Candy Carry Passport INDUCT ME! Carry Passport Ceciliae Carmine INDUCT ME! Ceciliae Carmine Craiq Citt INDUCT ME! Craiq Citt Danny Diversity INDUCT ME! Danny Diversity Eclipse Duskbloom INDUCT ME! Eclipse Duskbloom Edward Htut INDUCT ME! Edward Htut Elisz Ange INDUCT ME! Elisz Ange Erena Mikaela INDUCT ME! Erena Mikaela Felino Felidae INDUCT ME! Felino Felidae Gun Doshi INDUCT ME! Gun Doshi Harold Valdir INDUCT ME! Harold Valdir Kade Morgan INDUCT ME! Kade Morgan Kafuu Latte INDUCT ME! Kafuu Latte Kazumi Hana INDUCT ME! Kazumi Hana Kimyum Raijin INDUCT ME! Kimyum Raijin Lilica Rika INDUCT ME! Lilica Rika Lunaro Ballad INDUCT ME! Lunaro Ballad Macro Azelas INDUCT ME! Macro Azelas May Lee' INDUCT ME! May Lee' Miah Silverlight INDUCT ME! Miah Silverlight Miya Einzbern INDUCT ME! Miya Einzbern Musashishi Zero INDUCT ME! Musashishi Zero Nemu Zezubo INDUCT ME! Nemu Zezubo Raz Rhuin INDUCT ME! Raz Rhuin Sieghart Pendragon INDUCT ME! Sieghart Pendragon Sky Unsundered INDUCT ME! Sky Unsundered Smally Small INDUCT ME! Smally Small Tim Hortons INDUCT ME! Tim Hortons Tina Rex INDUCT ME! Tina Rex Tiny Zion INDUCT ME! Tiny Zion Ysavanah Bardelaurain INDUCT ME! Ysavanah Bardelaurain Zack Leonhart INDUCT ME! Zack Leonhart Abradolf Lincler Fresh Mints Abradolf Lincler Agnys Koguras Fresh Mints Agnys Koguras Aizen Sosuke Fresh Mints Aizen Sosuke Alicia Claus Fresh Mints Alicia Claus Amel Quinlia Fresh Mints Amel Quinlia Anastacia Astora Fresh Mints Anastacia Astora Archer Brasto Fresh Mints Archer Brasto Aster Emery Fresh Mints Aster Emery Axis Ile Fresh Mints Axis Ile Azure Zwei Fresh Mints Azure Zwei Baek Ho Fresh Mints Baek Ho Blackx Lotus Fresh Mints Blackx Lotus Chihaya Naeuri Fresh Mints Chihaya Naeuri Drakhoun Stargazer Fresh Mints Drakhoun Stargazer Elise Thirteen Fresh Mints Elise Thirteen Esmon Belmont Fresh Mints Esmon Belmont Hin Chemia Fresh Mints Hin Chemia Hisagi Ichinose Fresh Mints Hisagi Ichinose Ioros Aeonhart Fresh Mints Ioros Aeonhart Iulus Aeneas Fresh Mints Iulus Aeneas Kahr Mah Fresh Mints Kahr Mah Katya Santos Fresh Mints Katya Santos Khan Kat Fresh Mints Khan Kat Khullala Echidna Fresh Mints Khullala Echidna Kokoba Koba Fresh Mints Kokoba Koba Komitsu Extella Fresh Mints Komitsu Extella Konrald Vessalius Fresh Mints Konrald Vessalius Kuku Kiyomo Fresh Mints Kuku Kiyomo La'louise E't Fresh Mints La'louise E't Lamia Loveless Fresh Mints Lamia Loveless Lilith Luna Fresh Mints Lilith Luna Mad Toilet Fresh Mints Mad Toilet Marke Lavandin Fresh Mints Marke Lavandin Markus Aurora Fresh Mints Markus Aurora Maxi Jambu Fresh Mints Maxi Jambu Mia Estrella Fresh Mints Mia Estrella Mikasa Scarlett Fresh Mints Mikasa Scarlett Millefiore Kai-lan Fresh Mints Millefiore Kai-lan Mylo Raphael Fresh Mints Mylo Raphael Nao Asura Fresh Mints Nao Asura Ookurikara Dategumi Fresh Mints Ookurikara Dategumi Ovelia Wiegraf Fresh Mints Ovelia Wiegraf Palmo Ay'n Fresh Mints Palmo Ay'n Puffin Popolion Fresh Mints Puffin Popolion Rayman Zhao Fresh Mints Rayman Zhao Rei Kitakaze Fresh Mints Rei Kitakaze Relic Steelsunder Fresh Mints Relic Steelsunder Rin Eleanor Fresh Mints Rin Eleanor Ryuuwis Wynn Fresh Mints Ryuuwis Wynn Scarletz Moon Fresh Mints Scarletz Moon Sergz Josder Fresh Mints Sergz Josder Shinobu Igarashi Fresh Mints Shinobu Igarashi Sikot Camryn Fresh Mints Sikot Camryn Sophie Luna Fresh Mints Sophie Luna Sybrial Seeker Fresh Mints Sybrial Seeker Tama Kise Fresh Mints Tama Kise Tatyana Araye Fresh Mints Tatyana Araye Thisalee Lhea Fresh Mints Thisalee Lhea Thyleria Mistbloom Fresh Mints Thyleria Mistbloom Tiifah Relanah Fresh Mints Tiifah Relanah Torlina Poe Fresh Mints Torlina Poe Uref Perran Fresh Mints Uref Perran Vylre Alffhardt Fresh Mints Vylre Alffhardt Yuikiko Suiya Fresh Mints Yuikiko Suiya Yuqi Verloren Fresh Mints Yuqi Verloren Yvonne Scarlet Fresh Mints Yvonne Scarlet Ace Qas Seasoned Ace Qas Akechi Amamiya Seasoned Akechi Amamiya Akrisae Moks Seasoned Akrisae Moks Alarielle Lithelon Seasoned Alarielle Lithelon Althos Lightshiner Seasoned Althos Lightshiner Anson Leong Seasoned Anson Leong Astral Silvermoon Seasoned Astral Silvermoon Azem Moonwalker Seasoned Azem Moonwalker Bruce Longfellow Seasoned Bruce Longfellow Chocolate Souffle Seasoned Chocolate Souffle Dee Aura Seasoned Dee Aura Emilie Leonhart Seasoned Emilie Leonhart Erina Vina Seasoned Erina Vina Estella Stormstar Seasoned Estella Stormstar Fearoq Nubbly Seasoned Fearoq Nubbly Genji Jouchi Seasoned Genji Jouchi Gniw Uil Seasoned Gniw Uil Grace Hwang Seasoned Grace Hwang Helius Gust Seasoned Helius Gust Jimbobson Baggins Seasoned Jimbobson Baggins Lollipede Su Seasoned Lollipede Su Lunarie Cyulura Seasoned Lunarie Cyulura Matsurika Suzakuin Seasoned Matsurika Suzakuin Meliora Aysel Seasoned Meliora Aysel Mia Helea Seasoned Mia Helea Miranda Keer Seasoned Miranda Keer Nilarith Stardust Seasoned Nilarith Stardust Nova Feralheart Seasoned Nova Feralheart Nyx Karma Seasoned Nyx Karma Ou Nagi Seasoned Ou Nagi Pongneng Seng Seasoned Pongneng Seng Reii Licious Seasoned Reii Licious Shabi Mellderine Seasoned Shabi Mellderine U'traci Odh Seasoned U'traci Odh Unah Vhisree Seasoned Unah Vhisree Velladys Napthali Seasoned Velladys Napthali Xelhes Hyden Seasoned Xelhes Hyden Yun Tatewaki Seasoned Yun Tatewaki A'kela Greywind Adventurer A'kela Greywind Agilent Keysight Adventurer Agilent Keysight Aiden Altair Adventurer Aiden Altair Alice Yuzuriha Adventurer Alice Yuzuriha Anastasia Alexandrova Adventurer Anastasia Alexandrova Anemone Vermillion Adventurer Anemone Vermillion Aoi Lafall Adventurer Aoi Lafall Archelia Rosenberg Adventurer Archelia Rosenberg Arden Asher Adventurer Arden Asher Aska Vahni Adventurer Aska Vahni Aurellia Crystal Adventurer Aurellia Crystal Avacyn Rendara Adventurer Avacyn Rendara Aver Shun Adventurer Aver Shun Ayrius Sqt Adventurer Ayrius Sqt Azarus Meelo Adventurer Azarus Meelo Azzron Aegis Adventurer Azzron Aegis Brian Arbor Adventurer Brian Arbor Caelum Blaiddyd Adventurer Caelum Blaiddyd Celes Astrea Adventurer Celes Astrea Chantz Sinh Adventurer Chantz Sinh Chiz Meister Adventurer Chiz Meister Chris Fafnir Adventurer Chris Fafnir Chrodechild Felecca Adventurer Chrodechild Felecca Coka Cola Adventurer Coka Cola Crow Yuki Adventurer Crow Yuki Dee Ace Adventurer Dee Ace Domae Maiken Adventurer Domae Maiken Draco Atomono Adventurer Draco Atomono Draun Ashtenfall Adventurer Draun Ashtenfall E'leah Kett Adventurer E'leah Kett Eir Lodbrok Adventurer Eir Lodbrok Elaina Crescentia Adventurer Elaina Crescentia Elizabeth Rainne Adventurer Elizabeth Rainne Ely Sion Adventurer Ely Sion Elynea Aurora Adventurer Elynea Aurora Emmaline Lethnar Adventurer Emmaline Lethnar Enyalis Azalea Adventurer Enyalis Azalea Eriq Theblues Adventurer Eriq Theblues Faea Evanara Adventurer Faea Evanara Felicia Cruz Adventurer Felicia Cruz Felise Lavidad Adventurer Felise Lavidad Fenrir Wildfang Adventurer Fenrir Wildfang Florence Novella Adventurer Florence Novella Frost Nova Adventurer Frost Nova Grunksune Beefcake Adventurer Grunksune Beefcake Heezaay Lonin Adventurer Heezaay Lonin Hideki Morningstar Adventurer Hideki Morningstar Hoihung Delluna Adventurer Hoihung Delluna Ignis Magistera Adventurer Ignis Magistera Ignus Winters Adventurer Ignus Winters Ion Cannon Adventurer Ion Cannon Jakengard Aspirath Adventurer Jakengard Aspirath Jakey Jones Adventurer Jakey Jones Jericho Aeron Adventurer Jericho Aeron Jigelo Last Adventurer Jigelo Last Joy Oya Adventurer Joy Oya Jude Skywrath Adventurer Jude Skywrath Kassani Falenas Adventurer Kassani Falenas Katsumishi Hamurishi Adventurer Katsumishi Hamurishi Kayami Tatewaki Adventurer Kayami Tatewaki Kempol Sikucrutz Adventurer Kempol Sikucrutz Kise Ryota Adventurer Kise Ryota Koto Hana Adventurer Koto Hana Kou Katsu Adventurer Kou Katsu Kristina Dragonflame Adventurer Kristina Dragonflame Laguna Sundew Adventurer Laguna Sundew Lancea Miho Adventurer Lancea Miho Leganda Neo Adventurer Leganda Neo Lexfair Azurea Adventurer Lexfair Azurea Liliane Foreem Adventurer Liliane Foreem Lucien Surchen Adventurer Lucien Surchen Lucina Lowell Adventurer Lucina Lowell Luna Verus Adventurer Luna Verus Lyuna Kagawa Adventurer Lyuna Kagawa Massa Ion Adventurer Massa Ion Mayuri Kaochi Adventurer Mayuri Kaochi Meat Loaf Adventurer Meat Loaf Melforne Melvyn Adventurer Melforne Melvyn Meow Minator Adventurer Meow Minator Miaa Summer Adventurer Miaa Summer Midurri Oya Adventurer Midurri Oya Mika Toon Adventurer Mika Toon Miko Rin Adventurer Miko Rin Mira Seii Adventurer Mira Seii Miralei Vanguard Adventurer Miralei Vanguard Mister Phit Adventurer Mister Phit Miyumi Yuki Adventurer Miyumi Yuki Moca Mokatines Adventurer Moca Mokatines Moon Star Adventurer Moon Star Mykstra Loire Adventurer Mykstra Loire Myth Ical Adventurer Myth Ical Nathan Fuilivain Adventurer Nathan Fuilivain Nigelle Nightingale Adventurer Nigelle Nightingale Niji Sora Adventurer Niji Sora Nine Aine Adventurer Nine Aine Nivie Tillverkaway Adventurer Nivie Tillverkaway Nonori Norii Adventurer Nonori Norii Nova Bairon Adventurer Nova Bairon Nydell Arbre Adventurer Nydell Arbre Pubie Mcpube Adventurer Pubie Mcpube Puppina Muppiru Adventurer Puppina Muppiru Queen-of Heart Adventurer Queen-of Heart Rainhildr Rosenwald Adventurer Rainhildr Rosenwald Raphael Lievrefault Adventurer Raphael Lievrefault Rara Hime Adventurer Rara Hime Ray Kharlu Adventurer Ray Kharlu Red Tongue Adventurer Red Tongue Rei Langley Adventurer Rei Langley Reicherr Wallach Adventurer Reicherr Wallach Reika Vjrn Adventurer Reika Vjrn Reine Savio Adventurer Reine Savio Rinko Sumeragi Adventurer Rinko Sumeragi Rufi Rufio Adventurer Rufi Rufio Rygoth Gorelight Adventurer Rygoth Gorelight Rynn Chai Adventurer Rynn Chai Salem Krauss Adventurer Salem Krauss Saran Fateweaver Adventurer Saran Fateweaver Selkie Delaney Adventurer Selkie Delaney Sera Valentine Adventurer Sera Valentine Shiro Akanogo Adventurer Shiro Akanogo Shizuku Aoyama Adventurer Shizuku Aoyama Siegfried Bartholomus Adventurer Siegfried Bartholomus Silver Skyborn Adventurer Silver Skyborn Siriastral Aruashi Adventurer Siriastral Aruashi Sky Shatter Adventurer Sky Shatter Sleipnir Alluvia Adventurer Sleipnir Alluvia Sonatia Aureline Adventurer Sonatia Aureline Squeeky Silver Adventurer Squeeky Silver Sumire Yoshzawa Adventurer Sumire Yoshzawa Suti Bun Adventurer Suti Bun Sypha Belnades Adventurer Sypha Belnades Teh Nyeh Adventurer Teh Nyeh Tirriel Whisperwind Adventurer Tirriel Whisperwind U'hmbral Xafae Adventurer U'hmbral Xafae Ulysee Glnsel Adventurer Ulysee Glnsel Vasher Warbreaker Adventurer Vasher Warbreaker Vigiliance Aurelious Adventurer Vigiliance Aurelious Virgin Mari Adventurer Virgin Mari Vivi Orntier Adventurer Vivi Orntier Xi Li Adventurer Xi Li Xlphon Pheas Adventurer Xlphon Pheas Yu Explodius Adventurer Yu Explodius Yuki Aina Adventurer Yuki Aina Yukino Hanari Adventurer Yukino Hanari Yumiko Kitsune Adventurer Yumiko Kitsune Yung Aelis Adventurer Yung Aelis Yung Brod Adventurer Yung Brod Zeft Blaze Adventurer Zeft Blaze Zelda Rose Adventurer Zelda Rose Zell Kisaragi Adventurer Zell Kisaragi Zelvi Illette Adventurer Zelvi Illette Zeph Y' Adventurer Zeph Y' Zero'damage Healer Adventurer Zero'damage Healer