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Azure Infinitum

Rank 30 Free Company "Azure Infinitum" was formed on and registered on with ID 9232519973597911137. Last set of interviews conducted on .

has the following slogan:

From ebon blades and rebirth from crimson, Azure children rejoice! For we are As Free As The Azure Sky! Unyielding, Unsundered, Unending, Huzzah

Operates on Midgardsormr, Aether, leaving tags "Azure" all over the place and increasing glory of MaelstromMaelstrom. Has a medium base named "Infinitum Hall" on plot 1 in ward 7 of Mist, Limsa Lominsa, Vylbrand Show on map.

Has this message on its plot placard:

Welcome to Azure HQ, where we're as free as the Azure Sky!
Please submit an app if interested in joining our friendly community.

Participates in:

  • Role-playingRole-playing
  • LevelingLeveling
  • CasualCasual
  • HardcoreHardcore
  • DungeonsDungeons
  • GuildhestsGuildhests
  • TrialsTrials
  • RaidsRaids
  • PvPPvP
Has an open community.

Is recruiting:

  • TankTank
  • HealerHealer
  • CrafterCrafter
  • GathererGatherer

Current members:

A'dara Thorn A'dara Thorn A'roxhe Maso A'roxhe Maso Aaron Wells Aaron Wells Achamian Raesurthe Achamian Raesurthe Aegonvii Targaryen Aegonvii Targaryen Ahil'a Mhasmo Ahil'a Mhasmo Aimi Gallowglass Aimi Gallowglass Akio Onishi Akio Onishi Alaicien Alcott Alaicien Alcott Alaryx Garah Alaryx Garah Aldin Camphane Aldin Camphane Alexander Firebeard Alexander Firebeard Alfador Molkoh Alfador Molkoh Alice Whitetail Alice Whitetail Alkahest Chrysopoeia Alkahest Chrysopoeia Alleneh Slater Alleneh Slater Alyssa Vakarian Alyssa Vakarian Anayaya Anaya Anayaya Anaya Andromida Storm Andromida Storm Angry Panda Angry Panda Annie Hart Annie Hart Ardela Lamir Ardela Lamir Aria Wiles Aria Wiles Arirlya Morenella Arirlya Morenella Arthur Trel Arthur Trel Aruna Eos Aruna Eos Arya Asanari Arya Asanari Ashborn Snow Ashborn Snow Asher Adrise Asher Adrise Asher Lutz Asher Lutz Aster Hylander Aster Hylander Astra Lush Astra Lush Astrid Cygnis Astrid Cygnis Atari Ulrien Atari Ulrien Auburn Meadows Auburn Meadows Audrye Ballard Audrye Ballard Aurelie Willow Aurelie Willow Aurelius Starbound Aurelius Starbound Auri Damodred Auri Damodred Auri Hraesvelgr Auri Hraesvelgr Auri Zona Auri Zona Aurora Vaile Aurora Vaile Avalyn Chedlu Avalyn Chedlu Avrielle Dregaud Avrielle Dregaud Ayla Boots Ayla Boots Azrella Fawn Azrella Fawn Azurem Yazmatson Azurem Yazmatson Azuris Fullbuster Azuris Fullbuster Baby Shoes Baby Shoes Balthazar Farrow Balthazar Farrow Baon Ralaon Baon Ralaon Baru Raha Baru Raha Bat Foodz Bat Foodz Belghast Ro Belghast Ro Bellona Florentina Bellona Florentina Black Outz Black Outz Blaze Kaji Blaze Kaji Blue Boulder Blue Boulder Boop Bun Boop Bun Brennend Recht Brennend Recht Brian Seaswerth Brian Seaswerth Brixby Q' Brixby Q' Cactus Fruit Cactus Fruit Caelim Casulle Caelim Casulle Calciphel Verantyr Calciphel Verantyr Calixto Lilikopi Calixto Lilikopi Carla Aller Carla Aller Caswyn Cinnsealach Caswyn Cinnsealach Cayaza Fade Cayaza Fade Cecely Alaara Cecely Alaara Cern Karaethon Cern Karaethon Chaien Khandari Chaien Khandari Chevii M'pala Chevii M'pala Chibi Dreamweaver Chibi Dreamweaver Chloe Shir-del Chloe Shir-del Chronos Nyx Chronos Nyx Clariel Sayre Clariel Sayre Conrad Reeves Conrad Reeves Cryptic Metaphor Cryptic Metaphor Cypren Kennelan Cypren Kennelan Cyrric Barlow Cyrric Barlow Daemon Blackfyre Daemon Blackfyre Danielle Greymane Danielle Greymane Danilus Greymane Danilus Greymane Dar Lionz Dar Lionz Defensor Fortis Defensor Fortis Defensor Fortus Defensor Fortus Delphyne Ymir Delphyne Ymir Dharnyle Diamondust Dharnyle Diamondust Draconus Synge Draconus Synge Drak Rosfield Drak Rosfield Draven Darkshadow Draven Darkshadow Eaf Warg Eaf Warg Eckter Star Eckter Star Eli Amoure Eli Amoure Elle Aquitaine Elle Aquitaine Ellisandra Sacred Ellisandra Sacred Emma Nym Emma Nym Emma Watsun Emma Watsun Eris Vox Eris Vox Esca Valier Esca Valier Eslo-hevep R'veln-dae Eslo-hevep R'veln-dae Espressi Javanos Espressi Javanos Eviss Asteria Eviss Asteria Excelsis Darconis Excelsis Darconis Fae'reith Y'vone Fae'reith Y'vone Faye Hanako Faye Hanako Felis Dormus Felis Dormus Felix Frostblade Felix Frostblade Fiasco Vetri Fiasco Vetri Fjord Fjarlane Fjord Fjarlane Flora Silvermoon Flora Silvermoon Gale Hornsby Gale Hornsby Galena Moor Galena Moor Garcello Rageminer Garcello Rageminer Gareth Greywoode Gareth Greywoode Gariff Uloharid Gariff Uloharid Ghuval Tir'ein Ghuval Tir'ein Glaciela Wezette Glaciela Wezette Glitch Symphony Glitch Symphony Gomek Mewaffles Gomek Mewaffles Gorso Kylar Gorso Kylar Gracie Kuradoberry Gracie Kuradoberry Green Destiny Green Destiny Grimothy Akame Grimothy Akame Grumpycakes Mei Grumpycakes Mei Guilleinaux Solei Guilleinaux Solei Handsome Stranger Handsome Stranger Hanna Kushigaiya Hanna Kushigaiya Heheimo Fenmish Heheimo Fenmish Hermione Polka-dots Hermione Polka-dots Hina Valentine Hina Valentine Hirahim Skyreach Hirahim Skyreach Holiday Nakamura Holiday Nakamura Hrae T'halavyn Hrae T'halavyn Huckle Larkspur Huckle Larkspur Hylia Highwind Hylia Highwind Hyper Neon Hyper Neon Hyrule Castle Hyrule Castle Ianah Luxium Ianah Luxium Illuminatia Magis Illuminatia Magis Inky Octy Inky Octy Irelia Schnee Irelia Schnee Iris Zinnia Iris Zinnia Isildiur Solaris Isildiur Solaris It's-chrom Time It's-chrom Time Itsa Bijou Itsa Bijou J'ddan Ryder J'ddan Ryder Ja Mez Ja Mez Jasnah Drysfalkwyn Jasnah Drysfalkwyn Jay Ono Jay Ono Jay Sin Jay Sin Jezzie Moon Jezzie Moon Jing-yu Yang Jing-yu Yang John Durranos John Durranos Johnny Gat Johnny Gat Jonahl Brynn Jonahl Brynn Kana Chikage Kana Chikage Karai Daiyu Karai Daiyu Kari Dotharl Kari Dotharl Karl Havoc Karl Havoc Kathna Arda Kathna Arda Katriana Amari Katriana Amari Kaz Schwarzer Kaz Schwarzer Kelvin Koostra Kelvin Koostra Ken Taxx Ken Taxx Kenton Page Kenton Page Kessia La'roth Kessia La'roth Khaidai Knight Khaidai Knight Khona'li Dolabnha Khona'li Dolabnha Khota Kha Khota Kha Kiarine Vonsweetz Kiarine Vonsweetz Kieran Fuzzykins Kieran Fuzzykins Kieran Hart Kieran Hart Killiam Rose Killiam Rose Kiorri Masenka Kiorri Masenka Kira Velphalk Kira Velphalk Koda Lexcon Koda Lexcon Kohaku Ishiku Kohaku Ishiku Kris Barquer Kris Barquer Kujjiro Dazkur Kujjiro Dazkur Kyateru Sawa Kyateru Sawa L'jhimei Belhi L'jhimei Belhi Lacko Baburu Lacko Baburu Laetus Arcivus Laetus Arcivus Lagnus Medgho Lagnus Medgho Lance Selene Lance Selene Lantern Shark Lantern Shark Larion Moonlit Larion Moonlit Laurentius Crescent Laurentius Crescent Layrue Xilph Layrue Xilph Leafett Silverwolf Leafett Silverwolf Legolas Legroenlandjr Legolas Legroenlandjr Leor Ghradis Leor Ghradis Lessica Kurogane Lessica Kurogane Lia Via Lia Via Lila Adulese Lila Adulese Linoah Violet-lepus Linoah Violet-lepus Liokki Marouc Liokki Marouc Lion Lily Lion Lily Locke Leras Locke Leras Lolly Pop Lolly Pop Lucefa Zestraal Lucefa Zestraal Luciana Starwalker Luciana Starwalker Lucky Madman Lucky Madman Lucy Redgrave Lucy Redgrave Luna Lyrae Luna Lyrae Lyvie Oishii Lyvie Oishii M'iku Tenbe M'iku Tenbe Magna Bodega Magna Bodega Majorpain Cerberus Majorpain Cerberus Mana Tokugawa Mana Tokugawa Marshmallow Supremes Marshmallow Supremes Meagan O'brien Meagan O'brien Meda Starweaver Meda Starweaver Mega Busta Mega Busta Melekshai Desoli Melekshai Desoli Meliya Silia Meliya Silia Merista Lys'randall Merista Lys'randall Merlbryda Haereyhawyn Merlbryda Haereyhawyn Merrick Zandrake Merrick Zandrake Mico Ayano' Mico Ayano' Mikaela Yumiya Mikaela Yumiya Mikha'el Ado Mikha'el Ado Minor Shrub Minor Shrub Mira Rose Mira Rose Mistithgar Arodica Mistithgar Arodica Moogie Woogie Moogie Woogie Morrigan Fythe Morrigan Fythe Mr Mcgee Mr Mcgee N'emui Kitsuae N'emui Kitsuae Nolove Deepweb Nolove Deepweb Noltra Knight Noltra Knight Nora Swift Nora Swift Null Name Null Name Nyralyn Lynn Nyralyn Lynn Nyx Aurora Nyx Aurora O'zinba Incera O'zinba Incera Obo Moriko Obo Moriko Oshkosh B'gosh Oshkosh B'gosh Parker Robins Parker Robins Parzival Montierre Parzival Montierre Pfhor D'phayrlane Pfhor D'phayrlane Phae Spectre Phae Spectre Pinpindaris Dadadaris Pinpindaris Dadadaris Popata Potato Popata Potato Princess Rydia Princess Rydia Qeri Qalli Qeri Qalli Raetchel Araye Raetchel Araye Raffy Adrise Raffy Adrise Rahk'dar Windhelm Rahk'dar Windhelm Rakvasha Vayne Rakvasha Vayne Rasuul Tirauland Rasuul Tirauland Ravio Lee Ravio Lee Raziel Soulblaze Raziel Soulblaze Regalius Deschain Regalius Deschain Rehopeh Nimeras Rehopeh Nimeras Reika Fujishima Reika Fujishima Reiki Suzumi Reiki Suzumi Reina Kazumi Reina Kazumi Remy Gallows Remy Gallows Resho Repoter Resho Repoter Revy Black Revy Black Rikka Archive Rikka Archive Riona Zestraal Riona Zestraal Riyo Kurosaki Riyo Kurosaki Ronin Xavier Ronin Xavier Rorolin Popolin Rorolin Popolin Ruki Takamura Ruki Takamura Runie Mihli Runie Mihli Rust Fiend Rust Fiend Rykan Bloodfury Rykan Bloodfury Ryosen Yamura Ryosen Yamura Ryudama Rythiel Ryudama Rythiel Ryuu Seiki Ryuu Seiki Sabre Natsukaze Sabre Natsukaze Saedis Games Saedis Games Sagali Zomrase Sagali Zomrase Sage Arda Sage Arda Sakura Kinomoto Sakura Kinomoto Samic Aran Samic Aran Santan Chansama Santan Chansama Saphire Serafall Saphire Serafall Sarah Catherine Sarah Catherine Satu Haaveilla Satu Haaveilla Scarlet Purge Scarlet Purge Sefarium Nakia Sefarium Nakia Seiko Murzinski Seiko Murzinski Selene Cestir Selene Cestir Selentra Trimontra Selentra Trimontra Serinah Westwood Serinah Westwood Seruchria Surman Seruchria Surman Sgt Greybeard Sgt Greybeard Shadow Kitsu Shadow Kitsu Shady Kins Shady Kins Sheeza Freak Sheeza Freak Shibby Nailo Shibby Nailo Shimeray Fuzzykins Shimeray Fuzzykins Shingo Tsubasa Shingo Tsubasa Shir'lann Linwelin Shir'lann Linwelin Siebr Barnemorder Siebr Barnemorder Silandra Mol Silandra Mol Silver Picklewright Silver Picklewright Skeggi Odinson Skeggi Odinson Skelly King Skelly King Skeos Periseus Skeos Periseus Sky Ocean Sky Ocean Slimthicc Vicc Slimthicc Vicc Sonia Nevermind Sonia Nevermind Squallz Leonhartzz Squallz Leonhartzz Stealth Knight Stealth Knight Stefan Vonwest Stefan Vonwest Suvi Serafiina Suvi Serafiina Suvi Serafina Suvi Serafina Sylvan Lecuyer Sylvan Lecuyer Synovial Gn Synovial Gn T'behim Tia T'behim Tia Tails Blast Tails Blast Takarami Lahru Takarami Lahru Tamarind Allard Tamarind Allard Taru Gilhart Taru Gilhart Terin Altari Terin Altari Terravina Koostra Terravina Koostra Terry Mckinney Terry Mckinney Thaleo Mann Thaleo Mann Thighler Durden Thighler Durden Thomas Silverstrike Thomas Silverstrike Tom Zefiro Tom Zefiro Tremedius Allond Tremedius Allond Trowa Nightblade Trowa Nightblade Vael Osrith Vael Osrith Val Fiora Val Fiora Vampyre Drakul Vampyre Drakul Van Zelden Van Zelden Victoria Sainthusky Victoria Sainthusky Vidario Sanarmore Vidario Sanarmore Vienna Estwyn Vienna Estwyn Viktor Redgrave Viktor Redgrave Vinja Somar Vinja Somar Violette Vi Violette Vi Wallis Kirito Wallis Kirito Wayfaring Stranger Wayfaring Stranger Windup Glitch Windup Glitch Winnie The'pew Winnie The'pew Xasin Maru Xasin Maru Yennefer Rose Yennefer Rose Yerelle Taqa Yerelle Taqa Yloise Rillemont Yloise Rillemont Yuki Eve Yuki Eve Yuki Kazuho Yuki Kazuho Yulan Ares Yulan Ares Yura Seltasoon Yura Seltasoon Z'weta Kett Z'weta Kett Zavia Skye Zavia Skye Zelissa Ebonrose Zelissa Ebonrose Zelne Quohn Zelne Quohn Zieq Deathblade Zieq Deathblade Zo Nailo Zo Nailo Zo'oey Marscherata Zo'oey Marscherata Zshara Nelhah Zshara Nelhah