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Friends -w- Benefics

Rank 30 Free Company "Friends -w- Benefics" was formed on and registered on with ID 9232519973597873709. Last set of interviews conducted on .

has the following slogan:

There is stardust in your veins. We are literally, ultimately children of the stars. (18+ FC

Operates on Midgardsormr, Aether, leaving tags "-FWB-" all over the place and increasing glory of MaelstromMaelstrom.

Has this message on its plot placard:

The neighbors have better stuff

Participates in:

  • LevelingLeveling
  • CasualCasual
  • DungeonsDungeons
  • TrialsTrials
  • RaidsRaids

Is recruiting:

  • TankTank
  • HealerHealer
  • CrafterCrafter
  • GathererGatherer

Had also been known under 2 other names:

  • Gallifrey!
  • I like to touch

Current members:

A'mber Jhin A'mber Jhin Acalyini Littlefoot Acalyini Littlefoot Adrick Brightstone Adrick Brightstone Aellie Umuya Aellie Umuya Alexander Crowley Alexander Crowley Alun Jhungid Alun Jhungid Alvora Klattic Alvora Klattic Amelia Snow Amelia Snow Andrestus Rake Andrestus Rake Anna Bruneswyn Anna Bruneswyn Arka Lyrik Arka Lyrik Arlinn Yulllote Arlinn Yulllote Artemis Shade Artemis Shade Artimus Windancer Artimus Windancer Asena Kirsi Asena Kirsi Ashen Star Ashen Star Astoria Callisto Astoria Callisto Atrius Ganareo Atrius Ganareo Avaea Hadley Avaea Hadley B'zali Nunh B'zali Nunh Bchan Lancer Bchan Lancer Bertie Bonzo Bertie Bonzo Big Badaboom Big Badaboom Bigpapa Littlefoot Bigpapa Littlefoot Bob Barkerr Bob Barkerr Bonbi Bonkers Bonbi Bonkers Boston Cream Boston Cream Bubby Gingy Bubby Gingy Bundo Chun Bundo Chun Bunny Fluffy Bunny Fluffy Bytor Greywolf Bytor Greywolf Cambiar Tabito Cambiar Tabito Captain Gable Captain Gable Caramel Kiss Caramel Kiss Carolanne Witte Carolanne Witte Cayne Kapreil Cayne Kapreil Cen Te Cen Te Chandi Tanka Chandi Tanka Chaotica Darkmagic Chaotica Darkmagic Chewy Mouse Chewy Mouse Chocolate Glaze Chocolate Glaze Chotan Horo Chotan Horo Chris Zixele Chris Zixele Ciel Arctus Ciel Arctus Cilia Garrott Cilia Garrott Clyde Vonclydenstein Clyde Vonclydenstein Codereth Novalis Codereth Novalis Codereth Noveles Codereth Noveles Cyan Branford Cyan Branford Cynna Minn Cynna Minn Dace Wolfblade Dace Wolfblade Dae Brasher Dae Brasher Dalra Iat Dalra Iat Dana Scullie Dana Scullie Danny Devito Danny Devito Dark Emperor Dark Emperor Deathen Decay Deathen Decay Delphine Blackwater Delphine Blackwater Dex Modred Dex Modred Diavola D'angeli Diavola D'angeli Django Slayer Django Slayer Dominus Tempus Dominus Tempus Dr Dank Dr Dank Drifting Memory Drifting Memory Drogon Dracarys Drogon Dracarys Duke Mirage Duke Mirage Elara Crux Elara Crux Eli Vanir Eli Vanir Elos Hour Elos Hour Eroka Azure Eroka Azure Eros Adkins Eros Adkins Erowyn Greywolf Erowyn Greywolf Esqi Taph Esqi Taph Evelyn Duskriver Evelyn Duskriver Excali D'lar Excali D'lar Faerie Good Faerie Good Farron Lightningg Farron Lightningg Fionnlagh Oak Fionnlagh Oak Foamy Soap Foamy Soap Fresh-hot Dudes Fresh-hot Dudes Frida Peeples Frida Peeples Gallent Senfarl Gallent Senfarl Geom Metros Geom Metros Getgo Hyperno Getgo Hyperno Gimme-the Tea-sis Gimme-the Tea-sis Gina Spadowskil Gina Spadowskil Grace Mathis Grace Mathis Granat Needakitta Granat Needakitta Grand Grim Grand Grim Gregory Hightower Gregory Hightower Grim Abyss Grim Abyss Grimnir Valfodr Grimnir Valfodr Groose Mcloose Groose Mcloose Gybalona Chunguthwyn Gybalona Chunguthwyn Hadley Iyki Hadley Iyki Harmony Kitty Harmony Kitty Havik Akinshell Havik Akinshell Heisen Burg Heisen Burg Herobrine Crunch Herobrine Crunch Hex Agonzo Hex Agonzo Hiyori Iki Hiyori Iki Honey Cruller Honey Cruller Icarium Jhag Icarium Jhag Idle Talent Idle Talent Inerva Lunacity Inerva Lunacity Iosefka Strife Iosefka Strife Jade Winsome Jade Winsome Jael Gideon Jael Gideon Jayoshi Mietitore Jayoshi Mietitore Jenesen Grimaldus Jenesen Grimaldus Jenna T- Jenna T- Jin Merari Jin Merari Joedahobo Joedahobo Joedahobo Joedahobo Judo Light Judo Light Kaiya Avaldyr Kaiya Avaldyr Kaizer Arctus Kaizer Arctus Kalin Targaryen Kalin Targaryen Kav Lavrosa Kav Lavrosa Kayleia Amnell Kayleia Amnell Kazimir Gilhands Kazimir Gilhands Kazumi Sato Kazumi Sato Kela Nox Kela Nox Keladry Mindelan Keladry Mindelan Kellz Tyrant Kellz Tyrant Kenji Jervata Kenji Jervata Kieran Loriend Kieran Loriend Killian Blake Killian Blake Kimiko Windpaw Kimiko Windpaw King Atlas King Atlas Kith'ra Mi'ihgo Kith'ra Mi'ihgo Kitiara Uthmatar Kitiara Uthmatar Kittykitty Punchpunch Kittykitty Punchpunch Kori Hikari Kori Hikari Krimm Heathens Krimm Heathens Kung Duey Kung Duey L'ho Elakha L'ho Elakha Lansia Distaff Lansia Distaff Lemi Wixx Lemi Wixx Leone Lionsbane Leone Lionsbane Leppy Clover Leppy Clover Levi Amadeus Levi Amadeus Lifts Toosniff Lifts Toosniff Little Lolita Little Lolita Locke Ku'po Locke Ku'po Louis Hanma Louis Hanma Lyo Kupo Lyo Kupo Lyu-lyu Bean Lyu-lyu Bean Machz En Machz En Magnus De'wolf Magnus De'wolf Mana Resti Mana Resti Marder Medpack Marder Medpack Markus Lane Markus Lane Matthias Mookye Matthias Mookye Mesic Mythixstorm Mesic Mythixstorm Mesmeric Echo Mesmeric Echo Michael Greywolfe Michael Greywolfe Michi Umbra Michi Umbra Michie Umbra Michie Umbra Mid-day Snack Mid-day Snack Mina Akigane Mina Akigane Mirri Rhane Mirri Rhane Moco San Moco San Mohan Arsilias Mohan Arsilias Moistie Magnificent Moistie Magnificent Mokey Krunch Mokey Krunch Moontaloo Deluna Moontaloo Deluna Morgan Hevring Morgan Hevring Mystella Nova Mystella Nova Mythannica Star Mythannica Star Mythicsun Visionstorm Mythicsun Visionstorm Nantain Valeriant Nantain Valeriant Nathaniel Grasion Nathaniel Grasion Nekomi Orben Nekomi Orben Nisoro Ca'zsh Nisoro Ca'zsh Nol Naeuri Nol Naeuri Notorious V-i-c Notorious V-i-c Nova Lavellan Nova Lavellan Novella Skye Novella Skye Nox Aeternum Nox Aeternum One Bump One Bump Ozzrax Outlaw Ozzrax Outlaw Patches Sombak Patches Sombak Persephone Marchand Persephone Marchand Peter Baranyan Peter Baranyan Phill Swift Phill Swift Pious Montresor Pious Montresor Plush Aegin Plush Aegin Pokey Littlefoot Pokey Littlefoot Pyewacket Holroyd Pyewacket Holroyd Pyro Maniacc Pyro Maniacc Quin Sorron Quin Sorron R'ejeane Kett R'ejeane Kett Raine Suragi Raine Suragi Raja Orion Raja Orion Reine Hikari Reine Hikari Reiya Lhuila Reiya Lhuila Rey Ju Rey Ju Rhaine Muffin Rhaine Muffin Rio Izossem Rio Izossem Rob Nhips Rob Nhips Roly Puppy Roly Puppy Rosa Sarosa Rosa Sarosa Rose Sarosa Rose Sarosa Roux Dubois Roux Dubois Ruby Shieda Ruby Shieda Rukhsana Beelzebub Rukhsana Beelzebub Rutraen Dragon Rutraen Dragon Rygar Thurmbjorn Rygar Thurmbjorn Ryn Cyndusk Ryn Cyndusk Saeko Cross Saeko Cross Saltie Cheeseball Saltie Cheeseball Samael Asmodeus Samael Asmodeus Samuel Lucius Samuel Lucius Saya Shadow Saya Shadow Scarlet Greywolf Scarlet Greywolf Scrappa Nakka Scrappa Nakka Ser Ruggerri Ser Ruggerri Serious Black Serious Black Seymour Butz Seymour Butz Shadowbran Poptyping Shadowbran Poptyping Shiro Hibiki Shiro Hibiki Sho Kanai Sho Kanai Sievan Kyis Sievan Kyis Sir Facedamage Sir Facedamage Skez La Skez La Solara Wolfe Solara Wolfe Soushi Miketsukami Soushi Miketsukami Spooky Communist Spooky Communist Strength Brooks Strength Brooks Strong Hammer Strong Hammer Sudo Chitin Sudo Chitin Sussy Step-brother Sussy Step-brother Sweet Treat Sweet Treat Sylver Moon Sylver Moon Tallerin Direknight Tallerin Direknight Talvo Theorne Talvo Theorne Tayson Sanada Tayson Sanada Tazz Shun Tazz Shun Tduck Howard Tduck Howard Tellord Nel'ah Tellord Nel'ah Ten Midgets Ten Midgets Ten's Bunny Ten's Bunny Tenwolves Fangs Tenwolves Fangs Themguard Madbros Themguard Madbros Thoriduin Rhagnok Thoriduin Rhagnok Timmyco Sune Timmyco Sune Tiny Boobins Tiny Boobins Tiny Heron Tiny Heron Tirra Visari Tirra Visari Tobias Marrow Tobias Marrow Togene Dotharl Togene Dotharl Tperfect One Tperfect One Trago Volador Trago Volador Tsukari Sawa Tsukari Sawa Tygre-tygre Ardente Tygre-tygre Ardente Tylenolpls Uscan Tylenolpls Uscan Tyr'us Hurik Tyr'us Hurik Ulf Leif Ulf Leif Umeko Chan Umeko Chan Valiria Callid Valiria Callid Vee-vee Ornitier Vee-vee Ornitier Velma Dinkley Velma Dinkley Vera Hevring Vera Hevring Vignar Dragonlance Vignar Dragonlance Viira Azzar Viira Azzar William Siras William Siras Wulfrik Malachor Wulfrik Malachor Xenobia Quarta Xenobia Quarta Xouls Klattic Xouls Klattic Yaro Astana Yaro Astana Yuki Hoshiyama Yuki Hoshiyama Yummy Cookies Yummy Cookies Yushiro Ukitake Yushiro Ukitake Zandriana Acrilane Zandriana Acrilane Zap Ganajai Zap Ganajai Zero Felwinter Zero Felwinter Zhap Brannigan Zhap Brannigan Caffeinated Bear Porter Caffeinated Bear Chocolate Kiss Porter Chocolate Kiss Cinzia Sleipnir Porter Cinzia Sleipnir Cor Temporis Porter Cor Temporis Drwizard Moshroca Porter Drwizard Moshroca Elogost Aephixa Porter Elogost Aephixa Halie Cm Porter Halie Cm Laxus Dreyarr Porter Laxus Dreyarr Lucifina Cultocurious Porter Lucifina Cultocurious Macros Condoin Porter Macros Condoin Maei Angura Porter Maei Angura Mimi Mitsu Porter Mimi Mitsu Noel Valentine Porter Noel Valentine Seven Sharpshot Porter Seven Sharpshot Sir Schmoopy Porter Sir Schmoopy Sophia Lionheart Porter Sophia Lionheart Taiga Azumane Porter Taiga Azumane Ysybelle Aravaddi Porter Ysybelle Aravaddi