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Dregs of Zodiark

Rank 30 Free Company "Dregs of Zodiark" was formed on and registered on with ID 9232238498621277001. Last set of interviews conducted on .

has the following slogan:

Play how you want, not how you're told ;

Operates on Gilgamesh, Aether, leaving tags "xZx" all over the place and increasing glory of Order of the Twin AdderOrder of the Twin Adder.

Has this message on its plot placard:

If it is the light you seek, then by fate it is us you have found. For light ne'er had a truer home than darkness..

Participates in:

  • Role-playingRole-playing
  • LevelingLeveling
  • CasualCasual
  • HardcoreHardcore
  • DungeonsDungeons
  • GuildhestsGuildhests
  • TrialsTrials
  • RaidsRaids
  • PvPPvP

Is recruiting:

  • TankTank
  • HealerHealer
  • CrafterCrafter
  • GathererGatherer

Current members:

Aaliyah Wolf Aaliyah Wolf Aari Aadne Aari Aadne Abigal Green Abigal Green Acreal Cromwell Acreal Cromwell Aeoneir Draco Aeoneir Draco Aero Sparrow Aero Sparrow Ahrdawg Strongfist Ahrdawg Strongfist Albedus Murkuro Albedus Murkuro Albein Savage Albein Savage Alex Lycan Alex Lycan Alexithymia Iseterre Alexithymia Iseterre Allknight Sasuke Allknight Sasuke Alterier Donfabre Alterier Donfabre Amelia Forsythe Amelia Forsythe Amelia Poffenstein Amelia Poffenstein Ana Misqui Ana Misqui Anchored Delirium Anchored Delirium Ara Matter Ara Matter Ara Taliyue Ara Taliyue Araxius Dethar Araxius Dethar Arkanan Juicebox Arkanan Juicebox Arkus Townsen Arkus Townsen Ashtar Svenach Ashtar Svenach Asley Hannes Asley Hannes Astrid Brightward Astrid Brightward Atlas Cydare Atlas Cydare Auron Kaine Auron Kaine Aurora Arabella Aurora Arabella Aurum Mankhad Aurum Mankhad Ava Cresthelm Ava Cresthelm Avalon Strifeheart Avalon Strifeheart Avi Whitemane Avi Whitemane Ayers Mey Ayers Mey Azrael Lock Azrael Lock Aztec Empire Aztec Empire Azure Shade Azure Shade Baby Tiger Baby Tiger Back Stabbeth Back Stabbeth Bacon Nator Bacon Nator Bad Dreams Bad Dreams Baemian Beacon Baemian Beacon Banana Bandit Banana Bandit Barry Hallsax Barry Hallsax Beatrix Adelbert Beatrix Adelbert Bekii Himaa Bekii Himaa Belladonna Blyte Belladonna Blyte Beo Hibirathii Beo Hibirathii Beta Bikers Beta Bikers Bi'son Azorya Bi'son Azorya Big Business Big Business Billy Eldunari Billy Eldunari Birraga Kholin Birraga Kholin Blaze It'up Blaze It'up Blu Moon Blu Moon Bobby Bob Bobby Bob Boomer Tijuana Boomer Tijuana Bozek Ovasch Bozek Ovasch Burr Bear Burr Bear C'mon Bruh C'mon Bruh Celegiluial Luminaire Celegiluial Luminaire Ceres E'leviah Ceres E'leviah Chadules Strongarms Chadules Strongarms Cherri Bishop Cherri Bishop Chibi Astrix Chibi Astrix Chidori Rokuyari Chidori Rokuyari Chocolate Chips Chocolate Chips Chrollo Llucilfer Chrollo Llucilfer Chumpz Claw Chumpz Claw Churds Burpin Churds Burpin Cintos Shanselon Cintos Shanselon Clap Snap Clap Snap Concubine Preacher Concubine Preacher Copenhagn Wintergreen Copenhagn Wintergreen Corbin Kovac Corbin Kovac Cota Kia Cota Kia Crafty Android Crafty Android Crimson Unicorn Crimson Unicorn Cyllic Surai Cyllic Surai Cynon Eris Cynon Eris Cyrus Nadir Cyrus Nadir Daisukenojo Bito Daisukenojo Bito Daizan Sargan Daizan Sargan Dante Fahr Dante Fahr Dead Kasha Dead Kasha Deidara Sayuri Deidara Sayuri Demeter Sayku Demeter Sayku Demiurge Malevolence Demiurge Malevolence Denji Ignatius Denji Ignatius Denston Clayze Denston Clayze Dezorro Hades Dezorro Hades Dezzen Darko Dezzen Darko Dimetrus Laharl Dimetrus Laharl Dingo Eldunari Dingo Eldunari Domi En Domi En Dragonlich Horus Dragonlich Horus Drak's Shadow Drak's Shadow Draphina Xa'rith Draphina Xa'rith Dreadnor Blight Dreadnor Blight Dunkain Nervossa Dunkain Nervossa Duros Zarak Duros Zarak Dynne Mercer Dynne Mercer Dyten Luminaire Dyten Luminaire Easyflow Elbow Easyflow Elbow Edema Ruh Edema Ruh Edud Drawkcab Edud Drawkcab Eiko Sakana Eiko Sakana Ekyam Drakon Ekyam Drakon El Shkun El Shkun Elnora Elywen Elnora Elywen Elrick Wulfhart Elrick Wulfhart Emperor Penguin Emperor Penguin Enigma Nightshade Enigma Nightshade Eollyn Darkmoon Eollyn Darkmoon Eos Viras Eos Viras Eraz Dragontrove Eraz Dragontrove Erel Rosenberg Erel Rosenberg Erika Byrndottir Erika Byrndottir Erilon Blacmier Erilon Blacmier Eros Pothos Eros Pothos Erzas Cakes Erzas Cakes Estarossa Sama Estarossa Sama Eve Duskwing Eve Duskwing Everest Crowe Everest Crowe Exa Serno Exa Serno Expresso Bean Expresso Bean Exxi Yuzuka Exxi Yuzuka Eyri Blaetmoen Eyri Blaetmoen Eyrie Stormare Eyrie Stormare Falconian Dragoon Falconian Dragoon Fasthane Sixsmith Fasthane Sixsmith Faust Mephistopheles Faust Mephistopheles Finn Derpington Finn Derpington Fiona Rath Fiona Rath Firyon Wildrose Firyon Wildrose Flashy Fusilli Flashy Fusilli Flimsy Goatchesse Flimsy Goatchesse Fly Gonz Fly Gonz Fred Rick Fred Rick Freya Lux Freya Lux Froppy Magus Froppy Magus Frost Jinx Frost Jinx Gabriel D'archangel Gabriel D'archangel Gath Otakemaru Gath Otakemaru Gator Dontplay Gator Dontplay Gavin Dorff Gavin Dorff Ged Kodel Ged Kodel General Flower General Flower Gigmx Yatsurugi Gigmx Yatsurugi Global Squabbits Global Squabbits Gob'lin King Gob'lin King Gongzhu Chuo Gongzhu Chuo Goolia Dmgdown Goolia Dmgdown Gosetsu Kaujin Gosetsu Kaujin Green Leaks Green Leaks Grey Moran Grey Moran Gri'att Griattson Gri'att Griattson Grim Vulture Grim Vulture Grimm Okami Grimm Okami Growlingbunny Mey Growlingbunny Mey Grubba Idale Grubba Idale Gypsy Danger Gypsy Danger Havok Odinson Havok Odinson Havrish V'ralt Havrish V'ralt Hemaru Hemantan Hemaru Hemantan Hemi Haven Hemi Haven Hestia Ahegao Hestia Ahegao Hi Lo Hi Lo Hiimrak Bloodfueled Hiimrak Bloodfueled Hippojax Ra Hippojax Ra Holly Rae Holly Rae Hope Hugen Hope Hugen Ichi Sakuraba Ichi Sakuraba Iggy Dash Iggy Dash Ikkaku Madarame Ikkaku Madarame Illgadas Lightbringer Illgadas Lightbringer Illidan Sr Illidan Sr Im-old Gregg Im-old Gregg Inanna Isha Inanna Isha Indyca Heartsblade Indyca Heartsblade Inoriez Yuko Inoriez Yuko Izumi Yumemi Izumi Yumemi Jaromir Zelasch Jaromir Zelasch Jasperian Gunveil Jasperian Gunveil Java Methods Java Methods Jax Ebonwolf Jax Ebonwolf Jekkil Kagon Jekkil Kagon Jelme Kha Jelme Kha Jin King Jin King Jin Pippin Jin Pippin Jinger Rogers Jinger Rogers Joony Koony Joony Koony Josu Aokimura Josu Aokimura Judas Pennyworth Judas Pennyworth Juggling Iron Juggling Iron Justice Journey Justice Journey K'yati Harth K'yati Harth Kai Masamune Kai Masamune Kam Fryz Kam Fryz Kaname Chidory Kaname Chidory Karnyr Ralen Karnyr Ralen Katalina Winemixer Katalina Winemixer Katrina Meowzer Katrina Meowzer Katus Krom Katus Krom Kelthen Voss Kelthen Voss Keplon Uwu Keplon Uwu Khloe Nalaphina Khloe Nalaphina Kim Wexler Kim Wexler King Curry King Curry King Kordez King Kordez King Solis King Solis Kokiri Sonata Kokiri Sonata Koprulu Cha-kla Koprulu Cha-kla Kouji San Kouji San Kowaii Bean Kowaii Bean Koyomi Natsume Koyomi Natsume Krem Kremensen Krem Kremensen Kritex Leon Kritex Leon Kuba Cerny Kuba Cerny Kukuvachi Tatavachi Kukuvachi Tatavachi Kung Fuu Kung Fuu Kvothe Arcane Kvothe Arcane Kyzuro Xin Kyzuro Xin Lady Briarwood Lady Briarwood Laexi Phaeris Laexi Phaeris Lageatha Lothbrok Lageatha Lothbrok Lando Highwind Lando Highwind Lawful Spoon Lawful Spoon Leandrile Drinksalot Leandrile Drinksalot Lego Legless Lego Legless Leonceault Krigg Leonceault Krigg Levistus Jgnewesfv Levistus Jgnewesfv Lewd Feelings Lewd Feelings Licanius Fate Licanius Fate Lil Milkies Lil Milkies Lili Belly Lili Belly Lione Aurora Lione Aurora Lips Balm Lips Balm Lith Cope Lith Cope Liyah Everly Liyah Everly Llama Lord Llama Lord Loa Flowers Loa Flowers Lode Star Lode Star Loki Frostfire Loki Frostfire Loot Ninja Loot Ninja Lord Pathojin Lord Pathojin Lorelei Rhume Lorelei Rhume Luke Korina Luke Korina Luke Nukem Luke Nukem Lummi Furo Lummi Furo Luna Haru Luna Haru Luna Hellreaver Luna Hellreaver Luna Starstriker Luna Starstriker Lunar Sakuya Lunar Sakuya Lunari Bloodmoon Lunari Bloodmoon Luxzia Shirogane Luxzia Shirogane M'dennma Mitnu M'dennma Mitnu Madmartegan Tokah Madmartegan Tokah Maester Seymour Maester Seymour Magnus Wrath Magnus Wrath Malik Caesar Malik Caesar Mamba Mentality Mamba Mentality Mambsum Rainmaker Mambsum Rainmaker Martacus Slaycios Martacus Slaycios Master Dutch Master Dutch Master Young Master Young Matthias Gatroxx Matthias Gatroxx Maui Wauie Maui Wauie Maxmilna Dlrkc Maxmilna Dlrkc Maxx Defiance Maxx Defiance Maynard Thecat Maynard Thecat Meatier Survivor Meatier Survivor Medical Assistance Medical Assistance Megumin Felo'melorn Megumin Felo'melorn Meiyo Xestorae Meiyo Xestorae Meril Rosewater Meril Rosewater Mighty Duckling Mighty Duckling Miku Shinigami Miku Shinigami Millek Lightfoot Millek Lightfoot Mini Baconade Mini Baconade Mischievous Fuzzy Mischievous Fuzzy Misha Toebeans Misha Toebeans Mista Fly Mista Fly Mister Feeny Mister Feeny Mister Hcrip Mister Hcrip Misty Zensho Misty Zensho Mithgar Stalyasch Mithgar Stalyasch Mo Iz Mo Iz Moldy Loaf Moldy Loaf Momo Kitty Momo Kitty Moon Beamhart Moon Beamhart Moonhands R'qoda Moonhands R'qoda Mordrex Tyrel Mordrex Tyrel Mother Mother Mother Mother Moxie Munchkin Moxie Munchkin Mr Roboto Mr Roboto Muggz Juggz Muggz Juggz Muscle Milk Muscle Milk Muse Akira Muse Akira Nadia Jasmina Nadia Jasmina Naka K'ier Naka K'ier Nall Ryuutou Nall Ryuutou Nat Varela Nat Varela Natalia Nova Natalia Nova Nathan Wallace Nathan Wallace Navi Strawhat Navi Strawhat Nayru Ishiku Nayru Ishiku Neferpitou Grrr Neferpitou Grrr Neko Sith Neko Sith Nellou Chu Nellou Chu Nephilim Blade Nephilim Blade Nick Elodeon Nick Elodeon Niconico Nii Niconico Nii Niloc Nosnibor Niloc Nosnibor Nimh Arclight Nimh Arclight Nix Mulone Nix Mulone Nobu Dragun Nobu Dragun Noex Sjet Noex Sjet Nolo Rollo Nolo Rollo Nordstrom Voldigoad Nordstrom Voldigoad Nurse Africa Nurse Africa Ofieg Bodvar Ofieg Bodvar Ohlookits Zanne Ohlookits Zanne Oldaric Aurifort Oldaric Aurifort Olympic Rings Olympic Rings Omie Sama Omie Sama Oneir Ancalagon Oneir Ancalagon Ookie Copperock Ookie Copperock Orange Soul Orange Soul Ortrine Lunaris Ortrine Lunaris Pearl Arl Pearl Arl Penelope Copperock Penelope Copperock Pepa Bujias Pepa Bujias Persephone Cestovatel Persephone Cestovatel Petrock Petrock Petrock Petrock Phera Velera Phera Velera Phoenix Rinn Phoenix Rinn Pizza Slime Pizza Slime Poix Zyzz Poix Zyzz Ponbarkin Treefolk Ponbarkin Treefolk Post Halone Post Halone Preston Grammaton Preston Grammaton Pretty Rekliss Pretty Rekliss Prince Kagemaru Prince Kagemaru Princess Shiva Princess Shiva Psykosis Gaming Psykosis Gaming Qata'to Binbota Qata'to Binbota Quick Shooter Quick Shooter Racecar Fastlane Racecar Fastlane Radfatdad Bo'jangles Radfatdad Bo'jangles Ragnar Wildtiger Ragnar Wildtiger Ragnar Wyght Ragnar Wyght Rain Darkstorm Rain Darkstorm Raithan Urlacher Raithan Urlacher Rally Ho Rally Ho Randal Llewellyn Randal Llewellyn Rarue Valkyrie Rarue Valkyrie Ravus Ursa Ravus Ursa Razriel Fallencrest Razriel Fallencrest Red Harvest Red Harvest Reias Sicarious Reias Sicarious Rengar Kitty Rengar Kitty Rennoc Snommis Rennoc Snommis Rhyth Sin Rhyth Sin Ricey Desu Ricey Desu Riyo Ikioi Riyo Ikioi Rolling Stone Rolling Stone Rubu Rose Rubu Rose Ruby Eleanor Ruby Eleanor Rukia Inouekuchiki Rukia Inouekuchiki Ruri Tequila Ruri Tequila Ruruq Sacha Ruruq Sacha Ryan Gilman Ryan Gilman Ryell Cece Ryell Cece Ryosuma Wagon Ryosuma Wagon Ryushi Arashi Ryushi Arashi Salazar Urukai Salazar Urukai Sangria Kivasante Sangria Kivasante Saphire Cates Saphire Cates Saradawn Purpletail Saradawn Purpletail Sayo Sarugaku Sayo Sarugaku Scorbun Dallaschu Scorbun Dallaschu Score Keeper Score Keeper Scott Dark Scott Dark Senel Curtis Senel Curtis Senor Ice Senor Ice Sereena Black Sereena Black Serenity Stargazer Serenity Stargazer Serge Magus Serge Magus Sever Viccus Sever Viccus Shadow Dested Shadow Dested Shadow Renegade Shadow Renegade Shikai Von-demat Shikai Von-demat Shion Yumishi Shion Yumishi Shroud Crystal Shroud Crystal Shunion Whitemane Shunion Whitemane Sigrid Valentine Sigrid Valentine Sigyn Halfrid Sigyn Halfrid Silidos Ikuzo Silidos Ikuzo Sin Vz Sin Vz Sir Chimbles Sir Chimbles Sir Rothus Sir Rothus Skarld Skybreaker Skarld Skybreaker Skialf Bryndis Skialf Bryndis Slim Dimmi Slim Dimmi Soggy Oats Soggy Oats Solomund Beast Solomund Beast Sootina Ashbringer Sootina Ashbringer Srebren Zlatasch Srebren Zlatasch Star Wisp Star Wisp Sticks Merman Sticks Merman Stoic Aven'ger Stoic Aven'ger Stoney Onii Stoney Onii Strawberry Bubblebath Strawberry Bubblebath Stumbs Fluffypants Stumbs Fluffypants Sumthin Witty Sumthin Witty Sundorn Lighthammer Sundorn Lighthammer Sunny Demonstrandum Sunny Demonstrandum Sunyn Vee Sunyn Vee Supp Urgh Supp Urgh Sy Prism Sy Prism Syon Toxius Syon Toxius System Ace System Ace Talan Arkwright Talan Arkwright Tantilus Prime Tantilus Prime Tarnok Arktichaos Tarnok Arktichaos Tatanya Furbarer Tatanya Furbarer Tatsumaru Akechi Tatsumaru Akechi Tea Whyman Tea Whyman Teagan Rain Teagan Rain Tegridy Weeds Tegridy Weeds Teldor Tsunder Teldor Tsunder Templeton Smithgateby Templeton Smithgateby Tenn Hauser Tenn Hauser Ter'raa Nova Ter'raa Nova Terrah Nova Terrah Nova The Bromine The Bromine The Sixth The Sixth Theiryn Netherstorm Theiryn Netherstorm Theodora Rose Theodora Rose Theromere Rugnaroke Theromere Rugnaroke Thesa Atoel Thesa Atoel Think Er Think Er Ti'lani Oan Ti'lani Oan Tilla Lightheart Tilla Lightheart Tiny Rage Tiny Rage Titan Brawnguard Titan Brawnguard Titans Eye Titans Eye Tithon Evander Tithon Evander Tommy Tortellini Tommy Tortellini Tony Montanaqc Tony Montanaqc Toralei Seppe'sai Toralei Seppe'sai Trevy Carter Trevy Carter Trick Style Trick Style Trogdor D'burninator Trogdor D'burninator Tsumugi Tanshi Tsumugi Tanshi Tungstun Meade Tungstun Meade Turquoise Hexagon-sun Turquoise Hexagon-sun Ugod Law Ugod Law Ultamilk Sandwich Ultamilk Sandwich Usami Saori Usami Saori Vagrant Nanaki Vagrant Nanaki Valaran Vex Valaran Vex Valisha Highwind Valisha Highwind Vanel Penshade Vanel Penshade Vanessa Kensington Vanessa Kensington Vaneth Sunstorm Vaneth Sunstorm Vegas Havran Vegas Havran Vengeful Unicorn Vengeful Unicorn Venom Burst Venom Burst Vexor Uchiha Vexor Uchiha Vren Belladonna Vren Belladonna Vyking Botemedel Vyking Botemedel Vyrez Zed Vyrez Zed W'yani Tyata W'yani Tyata Weedun Lalastorm Weedun Lalastorm Why'lisa Why Why'lisa Why Willow Song Willow Song Wind-up Lahabrea Wind-up Lahabrea Wisperella Honkington Wisperella Honkington Wriggle Krim Wriggle Krim Xamiel Markov Xamiel Markov Xaneh'ir Taugre Xaneh'ir Taugre Xaven Redjan Xaven Redjan Xenara Carroll Xenara Carroll Xolotl Mictlan Xolotl Mictlan Y'rhika Cater Y'rhika Cater Yami Valentine Yami Valentine Yazuki Samahi Yazuki Samahi Yisura Tsengan Yisura Tsengan Yofune Nushi Yofune Nushi Yonkers Coernhash Yonkers Coernhash Yozora Xlll Yozora Xlll Yugiri Yuzuka Yugiri Yuzuka Yuki Akiudo Yuki Akiudo Yusuke Mazoku Yusuke Mazoku Yuyu Yumi Yuyu Yumi Yvette Arda Yvette Arda Zakhur Ruhkaz Zakhur Ruhkaz Zalaris Kiljor Zalaris Kiljor Zalbog Thunderwall Zalbog Thunderwall Zell Chain Zell Chain Zeon Tempest Zeon Tempest Zero Miyamoto Zero Miyamoto Zero Reaper Zero Reaper Zion Chontai Zion Chontai Ziph Onuk Ziph Onuk Zuko Vulcan Zuko Vulcan Zwein Doppelganger Zwein Doppelganger