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Tri Farce

Rank 30 Free Company "Tri Farce" was formed on and registered on with ID 9231394073691142024. Last set of interviews conducted on .

has the following slogan:

Lots of friendly players and terrible Zelda puns

Operates on Siren, Aether, leaving tags "Zelda" all over the place and increasing glory of Order of the Twin AdderOrder of the Twin Adder. Has a small base named "Hyrule House" on plot 49 in ward 14 of The Lavender Beds, Gridania, The Black Shroud Show on map.

Has this message on its plot placard:

Welcome to Hyrule House. Hope you like terrible puns and awful decor

Participates in:

  • Role-playingRole-playing
  • LevelingLeveling
  • CasualCasual
  • DungeonsDungeons
  • GuildhestsGuildhests
  • TrialsTrials
  • RaidsRaids
  • PvPPvP

Is recruiting:

  • TankTank
  • HealerHealer
  • CrafterCrafter
  • GathererGatherer

Current members:

Adalia Forerunner Adalia Forerunner Aerrow Die'namic Aerrow Die'namic Aeshra Hiinna Aeshra Hiinna Ailan Vestan Ailan Vestan Ailduin Zinleaf Ailduin Zinleaf Akhekh Draco Akhekh Draco Alikat Dared Alikat Dared Alisa Digato Alisa Digato Aloy Ruby Aloy Ruby Alyth Yaxin Alyth Yaxin Amber Taurus Amber Taurus Amelia Sorynth Amelia Sorynth Amelie Lionhart Amelie Lionhart Angel Sheo Angel Sheo Angel' Dust Angel' Dust Antidepressant Iota Antidepressant Iota Antoni Ayarko Antoni Ayarko Anzu Himereigna Anzu Himereigna Aphelia Akhen Aphelia Akhen Argus Angura Argus Angura Arna Yapih Arna Yapih Artemis Dawnbringer Artemis Dawnbringer Asahial Marai'xen Asahial Marai'xen Asap Chungus Asap Chungus Astrid Sunfire Astrid Sunfire Auran Fucifino Auran Fucifino Aurora Blaze Aurora Blaze Axle Bisono Axle Bisono Azdeon Rasdural Azdeon Rasdural Balthier Quinn Balthier Quinn Barista Local Barista Local Batrat Wheels Batrat Wheels Bayar Khatan Bayar Khatan Bellona Lestat Bellona Lestat Bellona Lizha Bellona Lizha Benar Doh Benar Doh Benson Reliant Benson Reliant Betty Bratwurst Betty Bratwurst Big Swordcat Big Swordcat Bigdaddy Ftlong Bigdaddy Ftlong Biggs Big-arms Biggs Big-arms Bigheal Chungis Bigheal Chungis Bishop Backaliii Bishop Backaliii Bizarre Murmurz Bizarre Murmurz Blake Stormcrow Blake Stormcrow Blitz Noir Blitz Noir Book Mark Book Mark Borimir Amarya Borimir Amarya Bryc'e Abercrombie Bryc'e Abercrombie Buck Eye Buck Eye Buddhas Shadow Buddhas Shadow Bunder Mufflin Bunder Mufflin Bunella Buns Bunella Buns Bunzai Ato Bunzai Ato Calix Nos Calix Nos Captain Miller Captain Miller Carinya Lightfoot Carinya Lightfoot Cat' Daddy' Cat' Daddy' Celviros Astrum Celviros Astrum Ceo Ardex Ceo Ardex Chante Neti Chante Neti Chara Ignemortel Chara Ignemortel Charlotte Lorice Charlotte Lorice Chihiro Sato Chihiro Sato Chimera Rose Chimera Rose China Sapphire China Sapphire Chione Sensai Chione Sensai Chronic Raw Chronic Raw Claire Ra'hearn Claire Ra'hearn Clementain Roustebant Clementain Roustebant Coffree Cap Coffree Cap Coletta Hastings Coletta Hastings Corpsed Demon Corpsed Demon Crimson Arrow Crimson Arrow Cynth Enyo Cynth Enyo Dafnit Avule Dafnit Avule Dalifax Filendria Dalifax Filendria Damien Aguila Damien Aguila Daoras Casca Daoras Casca Dargun Celcios Dargun Celcios Darien Agnocia Darien Agnocia Daynerys Stormborn Daynerys Stormborn Death King Death King Demonic Polar Demonic Polar Den Prox Den Prox Disco Wooman Disco Wooman Doku Zeinto Doku Zeinto Dontera Bloodmoon Dontera Bloodmoon Drago Shadowthrone Drago Shadowthrone Dragon Deeznuts Dragon Deeznuts Dragon Tsurugi Dragon Tsurugi Draiko Lothkai Draiko Lothkai Dread Beur Dread Beur Drengr Hird Drengr Hird Driko Adarkim Driko Adarkim Egan Pendragon Egan Pendragon Emmett Brown Emmett Brown Energy Boy Energy Boy Eneru Nomi Eneru Nomi Esther Libia Esther Libia Eve Leoson Eve Leoson Fatal Justice Fatal Justice Fatt Daddio Fatt Daddio Felix Wood Felix Wood Fenrir Sherf Fenrir Sherf Finn Wheeler Finn Wheeler Four Shadows Four Shadows Frank N'stein Frank N'stein Freya Gungnir Freya Gungnir Gabriel Slade Gabriel Slade Geddoe Salazar Geddoe Salazar Ghaleon Oaks Ghaleon Oaks Glalily Eevanie Glalily Eevanie Gloxian Gyosei Gloxian Gyosei Groot Areda Groot Areda H'laqa Juun H'laqa Juun Handara Cantstandya Handara Cantstandya Hare Vela Hare Vela Healer Mchealey Healer Mchealey Hju Njubi Hju Njubi Hoagie Rolls Hoagie Rolls Hoes Rus Hoes Rus Huungree Eetchu Huungree Eetchu Idont Knowcombos Idont Knowcombos Ikin Iktomi Ikin Iktomi Illia Alecto Illia Alecto Ine Naeuri Ine Naeuri Isn Her Isn Her Izzy-nagi Locke Izzy-nagi Locke Jack Poppin Jack Poppin Jay Infinite Jay Infinite Jazbit Donata Jazbit Donata Jet Noir Jet Noir Jhanvan Tivxan Jhanvan Tivxan Jinora Dei-ijla Jinora Dei-ijla Journei Jovani Journei Jovani Kai Salinas Kai Salinas Kavala Aetos Kavala Aetos Kayden Hagane Kayden Hagane Keeta Eluci Keeta Eluci Keiten Miyumi Keiten Miyumi Khalik Blackwing Khalik Blackwing Kickface Blackwell Kickface Blackwell Kikyo Kazika Kikyo Kazika Kilg Hamon-drive Kilg Hamon-drive Kita Lapin Kita Lapin Kith-kanan Silvanos Kith-kanan Silvanos Kitty Madness Kitty Madness Knox Wyvern Knox Wyvern Kohaku Ishigami Kohaku Ishigami Koko Bunni Koko Bunni Kotal Haskar Kotal Haskar Kumokiri Gakuto Kumokiri Gakuto Larora Laroux Larora Laroux Legate Lanius Legate Lanius Legend Onvick Legend Onvick Lena Uchiha Lena Uchiha Lily Drawac Lily Drawac Linhardt Hevring Linhardt Hevring Little Kimahri Little Kimahri Lixium Llarenav Lixium Llarenav Llusion Kurosaki Llusion Kurosaki Lord Ironskull Lord Ironskull Lucy Ziegler Lucy Ziegler Luku Hyrule Luku Hyrule Luther Swordsworn Luther Swordsworn Lyria Yarhu Lyria Yarhu Magnus Ifrit Magnus Ifrit Maguinho Dofogo Maguinho Dofogo Magus Alucard Magus Alucard Majere Justice Majere Justice Malkir Kagon Malkir Kagon Mara Egavas Mara Egavas Mari Noir Mari Noir Marius Grey Marius Grey Mars Magnus Mars Magnus Mas Goro Mas Goro Matt Hardy Matt Hardy Merlseye Ankafyst Merlseye Ankafyst Mileena Buerishnikov Mileena Buerishnikov Milliarde Incaendium Milliarde Incaendium Mine Iteya Mine Iteya Mirmulir Viin Mirmulir Viin Mirra Dawnwhisper Mirra Dawnwhisper Misaki Aisaka Misaki Aisaka Mizz Pinkii Mizz Pinkii Molly Ibarra Molly Ibarra Molly Moon Molly Moon Mr Activist Mr Activist Mr Hellz Mr Hellz Mrs Danimal Mrs Danimal Mugi Ackerman Mugi Ackerman My Backhurts My Backhurts Myst Uzin Myst Uzin N'vhekti Qebu N'vhekti Qebu Narox Wander Narox Wander Night Beast Night Beast Nilord Rius Nilord Rius Nimueh Shaye Nimueh Shaye Nina Shaede Nina Shaede Niomiah Neto Niomiah Neto Nohema Starlock Nohema Starlock Noi Haze Noi Haze Nyan Katt Nyan Katt Nym Saipaire Nym Saipaire Ocelle Corraeda Ocelle Corraeda Oena Razuberi Oena Razuberi Onp Mihgo Onp Mihgo Opal Shawwty Opal Shawwty Oscar Levi Oscar Levi Oscuriot Tribal Oscuriot Tribal Othos Uldrar Othos Uldrar Pen Guin Pen Guin Phoenix Lucian Phoenix Lucian Pixy Cosette Pixy Cosette Pobert Thoughtwrecker Pobert Thoughtwrecker Prixi Xx Prixi Xx Raigar Muraudel Raigar Muraudel Rasukia Ritz Rasukia Ritz Rayne Stormr Rayne Stormr Rayon Solaris Rayon Solaris Resident Beefer Resident Beefer Ro Chambeau Ro Chambeau Robnaok Odinson Robnaok Odinson Ruby Kingsblood Ruby Kingsblood Ryker John Ryker John Ryuji Sakamato Ryuji Sakamato Salindra Krolin Salindra Krolin Sammy Bolir Sammy Bolir Samual Little Samual Little Sariun Tachikake Sariun Tachikake Sasha Goddess Sasha Goddess Saulamay Strife Saulamay Strife Schedar Tiberius Schedar Tiberius Seth Roegadyn Seth Roegadyn Setharin Steel Setharin Steel Sevelle Valere Sevelle Valere Shade Daza Shade Daza Silinia Soran Silinia Soran Siltorky Tahuch Siltorky Tahuch Sin Ash Sin Ash Sinon Eva Sinon Eva Sir Collateral Sir Collateral Skydark Moon Skydark Moon Sneaky Weewee Sneaky Weewee Snowi Dawn Snowi Dawn Sokhataii Kha Sokhataii Kha Spectrum Bender Spectrum Bender Spiraling Dragons Spiraling Dragons Squeeky Squirrel Squeeky Squirrel Suxorz San Suxorz San Syn Terlman Syn Terlman Syrill Wix Syrill Wix Tannis Lightshire Tannis Lightshire Tarinya Jawantal Tarinya Jawantal Thaf Vilas Thaf Vilas Theflounder Pounder Theflounder Pounder Thrakthor Dragnir Thrakthor Dragnir Tiana Gengi Tiana Gengi Tiva Tanuki Tiva Tanuki Trevor Lindell Trevor Lindell Trish Chi Trish Chi Tryik Shuil Tryik Shuil Tsu Austbrand Tsu Austbrand Tsubaki Sato Tsubaki Sato Tyger Woudes Tyger Woudes Ulrika Devry Ulrika Devry Usa Blackstone Usa Blackstone Val Tuka Val Tuka Valdora Typhon Valdora Typhon Vanillian Ice Vanillian Ice Vanya Anoni Vanya Anoni Vaxis Crane Vaxis Crane Veidar Dyn Veidar Dyn Velvet Greystone Velvet Greystone Veselin Amov Veselin Amov Vespera Ianira Vespera Ianira Vitari Sukaura Vitari Sukaura Vitharr Stonemantle Vitharr Stonemantle Wasabi Soysauce Wasabi Soysauce Wicked Jest Wicked Jest Xeno Bykes Xeno Bykes Xevv Twiceshy Xevv Twiceshy Yodel Qoette Yodel Qoette Yunyun Simp Yunyun Simp Yusuke Uramesh Yusuke Uramesh Zaxeous Mckracken Zaxeous Mckracken Zelda Willow Zelda Willow Zelfie Valentine Zelfie Valentine Zexis Sunbreaker Zexis Sunbreaker Ziero Phiitewesfv Ziero Phiitewesfv Zyndrahr Dejiki Zyndrahr Dejiki