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Republic of Landis

Rank 30 Free Company "Republic of Landis" was formed on and registered on with ID 9231253336202703790. Last set of interviews conducted on .

has the following slogan:

We're a group of like-minded players hanging around in a chilled out atmosphere. Check out the fellowship: "Republic of Landis Common Room&#34

Operates on Phoenix, Light, leaving tags "RoL" all over the place and increasing glory of MaelstromMaelstrom. Has a large base named "Mons Falconis" on plot 7 in ward 4 of Shirogane, Kugane, Hingashi Show on map.

Has this message on its plot placard:

Welcome to Landis Boulevard! Be sure to check out our Fellowship by searching for "Republic of Landis''

Participates in:

  • LevelingLeveling
  • CasualCasual
  • HardcoreHardcore
  • DungeonsDungeons
  • TrialsTrials
  • RaidsRaids
  • PvPPvP

Is recruiting:

  • HealerHealer
  • CrafterCrafter
  • GathererGatherer

Current members:

Acer Roy Acer Roy Aelys Joans Aelys Joans Aergbhar Eyhilsyn Aergbhar Eyhilsyn Aigis Forlion Aigis Forlion Akira Knightshade Akira Knightshade Alaric Desrosiers Alaric Desrosiers Alerrandre Santos Alerrandre Santos Alex Haal Alex Haal Angdalen Ferfew Angdalen Ferfew Angi Fey Angi Fey Aragonia Flare Aragonia Flare Arktouros Frostpyre Arktouros Frostpyre Armei Dawn Armei Dawn Arya Lockhart Arya Lockhart Augest Fury Augest Fury Auron Blade Auron Blade Avadriel Jenkins Avadriel Jenkins Aylin Iteya Aylin Iteya Barry Magic Barry Magic Beelze Bubs Beelze Bubs Bodypillow Trader Bodypillow Trader Calipso Caerswys Calipso Caerswys Cassandra Alivert Cassandra Alivert Castro Schroedinger Castro Schroedinger Chaika Scarlet Chaika Scarlet Colin Harvey Colin Harvey Con Soul Con Soul Connie Yatsumo Connie Yatsumo Crystallis Lucis Crystallis Lucis Daisy Dune Daisy Dune Daomega Zoa Daomega Zoa Dawn Bloom Dawn Bloom Deikaro Muspelheim Deikaro Muspelheim Devola Nier Devola Nier Dorin Festabule Dorin Festabule Drelia D'deceitful Drelia D'deceitful Elder Wood Elder Wood Elder Yoghurt Elder Yoghurt Ember Fuller Ember Fuller Endorvel Laqi Endorvel Laqi Eric Carver Eric Carver Ezze Yarhu Ezze Yarhu Floodster Lynch Floodster Lynch Frostalla Farsot Frostalla Farsot Gaer Behrn Gaer Behrn Gilbert Transe Gilbert Transe Godwald Nightbreaker Godwald Nightbreaker Gumbert Immortalem Gumbert Immortalem Guren Lagen Guren Lagen Guts Fiore Guts Fiore Herax Xerales Herax Xerales Hollow Black Hollow Black Ibkee Hakadosh Ibkee Hakadosh Ildine Solitude Ildine Solitude Ilya Pluvinya Ilya Pluvinya Jean Sylvari Jean Sylvari Jenny Aura Jenny Aura Kaellach Asclepius Kaellach Asclepius Kamile Hawk Kamile Hawk Kaname Yotsuba Kaname Yotsuba Keelrean Xe'nar Keelrean Xe'nar Khalor Yermaw Khalor Yermaw Kiam Luscert Kiam Luscert King Jullien King Jullien Kiri Mordio Kiri Mordio Korlash Blackblade Korlash Blackblade Lambert Yaeger Lambert Yaeger Legfend Seksbang Legfend Seksbang Lon Pi Lon Pi Lord Kaizer Lord Kaizer Luana Alba Luana Alba Lynneon Neon Lynneon Neon Mathaeus Kristos Mathaeus Kristos Medulla Oblongatta Medulla Oblongatta Michiko Kazuki Michiko Kazuki Miles Alyra Miles Alyra Miro Reisuevo Miro Reisuevo Mohuna Picek Mohuna Picek Mono Garnet Mono Garnet Mr Nerd Mr Nerd Nausicaa Kazetani Nausicaa Kazetani Nekomori Miruchanchan Nekomori Miruchanchan Noryale Shepard Noryale Shepard Nyust Meadow Nyust Meadow Og Nissin Og Nissin Olzi Asycis Olzi Asycis Pharsti Khalnaa Pharsti Khalnaa Phinneas Hayle Phinneas Hayle Plax Cleave Plax Cleave Polish Lightcloud Polish Lightcloud Raelia Vivian Raelia Vivian Rangiki Sentoki Rangiki Sentoki Rav Doh Rav Doh Ren Reaper Ren Reaper Rhage Na'heireann Rhage Na'heireann River Scott River Scott Ryujin Tsukuyomi Ryujin Tsukuyomi Ryzar Taeros Ryzar Taeros Sai Arkwright Sai Arkwright Saira D'lem Saira D'lem Samil Sugi Samil Sugi Sarissia Locand Sarissia Locand Sasori Sakura Sasori Sakura Scoba Kvothe Scoba Kvothe Scyllon Sternguard Scyllon Sternguard Sechi Rocky Sechi Rocky Sho'zhirr Shizahi-jo Sho'zhirr Shizahi-jo Silvan Fernoir Silvan Fernoir Tae Omnis Tae Omnis Tammas Erlandyn Tammas Erlandyn Teddy Black Teddy Black Thadius Elrich Thadius Elrich Thefast Homie Thefast Homie Tidane Auronson Tidane Auronson Tin Yan Tin Yan Tundar Geron Tundar Geron Tyranny Filialucis Tyranny Filialucis Valeriuz Falconheart Valeriuz Falconheart Vrael Skulblaka Vrael Skulblaka Xander Winchester Xander Winchester Xanthiel Novareil Xanthiel Novareil Xenru Narasura Xenru Narasura Xumona Balance Xumona Balance Yayabeta Mimibeta Yayabeta Mimibeta Zaxidious Sithrax Zaxidious Sithrax Zerill Windrunner Zerill Windrunner Ziriel Wildheart Ziriel Wildheart Zoom Star Zoom Star Alesc F'aherl Ward of Justice Alesc F'aherl Casstanea Valliere Ward of Justice Casstanea Valliere Faelim Minros Ward of Justice Faelim Minros Power Nap Ward of Justice Power Nap Sindri Myr Ward of Justice Sindri Myr Tiny Knight Ward of Justice Tiny Knight Cellar Door Mimic (Alts) Cellar Door Ellena Thorn Mimic (Alts) Ellena Thorn Hyacinth Bouqet Mimic (Alts) Hyacinth Bouqet Potatoe Weeb Mimic (Alts) Potatoe Weeb Tony Britts Mimic (Alts) Tony Britts Darken Wraithfire Riskbreaker Darken Wraithfire Dragon Rage Riskbreaker Dragon Rage Jeni Silverlight Riskbreaker Jeni Silverlight Jyo Jude Riskbreaker Jyo Jude Liza Kova Riskbreaker Liza Kova Lost Palazzo Riskbreaker Lost Palazzo Luachra Liath Riskbreaker Luachra Liath Lucidus Saltator Riskbreaker Lucidus Saltator Petra Venj Riskbreaker Petra Venj Sheephing Wooly Riskbreaker Sheephing Wooly Silly Rabbit Riskbreaker Silly Rabbit Zarina Nelhah Riskbreaker Zarina Nelhah Zialia Ura Riskbreaker Zialia Ura Aanya Diti Moppet Aanya Diti Anya Fromel Moppet Anya Fromel Ashe Knight Moppet Ashe Knight Bertrold Frost Moppet Bertrold Frost Billy James Moppet Billy James Cade Quarter Moppet Cade Quarter Dosen Cola Moppet Dosen Cola Eriv Thelian Moppet Eriv Thelian Kaori Hinazuki Moppet Kaori Hinazuki Luxos Aion Moppet Luxos Aion Malevi Tarhearted Moppet Malevi Tarhearted Ragnar Coraini Moppet Ragnar Coraini Rhys Asycis Moppet Rhys Asycis Therma Deascn Moppet Therma Deascn Valeria Isfjord Moppet Valeria Isfjord Velvett Thunder Moppet Velvett Thunder Vjrn Njatur Moppet Vjrn Njatur Yamato Oden Moppet Yamato Oden Yuber Atreides Moppet Yuber Atreides