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LIFE Energy

Rank 30 Free Company "LIFE Energy" was formed on and registered on with ID 9229986698807561242. Last set of interviews conducted on .

Operates on Hades, Mana, leaving tags "Life" all over the place and increasing glory of MaelstromMaelstrom. Has a large base named "Life-everyone'shouse" on plot 30 in ward 18 of Shirogane, Kugane, Hingashi Show on map.

Participates in:

  • Role-playingRole-playing
  • LevelingLeveling
  • CasualCasual
  • DungeonsDungeons
  • GuildhestsGuildhests
  • TrialsTrials
  • RaidsRaids
  • PvPPvP

Is recruiting:

  • TankTank
  • HealerHealer
  • CrafterCrafter
  • GathererGatherer

Had also been known under 7 other names:

  • Life Resort
  • Life-change
  • LIFE-Classroom
  • LIFE-Family
  • Life-Newborn
  • once-in-a-lifetime

Current members:

Aki Spiegel Aki Spiegel Akira Motti Akira Motti Alisa Abelheim Alisa Abelheim Ananea Pray Ananea Pray Aqua Benett Aqua Benett Arti Fact Arti Fact Azusa Kuro Azusa Kuro Beach Club Beach Club Beel Ba Beel Ba Belle Dejour Belle Dejour Beta Silkywhite Beta Silkywhite Blue Gorilla Blue Gorilla Cha- Han Cha- Han Chad Rosa Chad Rosa Clair Youngleaf Clair Youngleaf Corn Flakes Corn Flakes Daisuke Next Daisuke Next Dan'a Aliapoh Dan'a Aliapoh Dashner Yawn Dashner Yawn Deeper Jinjahl Deeper Jinjahl Deepred Iotus Deepred Iotus Don Vase Don Vase Emille Matanon Emille Matanon Eris Lumiale Eris Lumiale Feene Layered Feene Layered Feylawner Hiria Feylawner Hiria Fftori Mo Fftori Mo Foo Tsukimiya Foo Tsukimiya Friday Puremium Friday Puremium Fua Fua Fua Fua Ginji Kazeno Ginji Kazeno Gymnema Sylvestre Gymnema Sylvestre Hoakari Sumeru Hoakari Sumeru Honeybee Tomo Honeybee Tomo I'aion Khilo I'aion Khilo Ibuki Mk Ibuki Mk Iguana An Iguana An Iichico Highball Iichico Highball Illyasvon Einzbern Illyasvon Einzbern Impress Majyesty Impress Majyesty Iqos Samue Iqos Samue Kamukamu Lemon Kamukamu Lemon Kanmei Dodonko Kanmei Dodonko Katatumuri Maimai Katatumuri Maimai Kimikazu Takamaru Kimikazu Takamaru Koh'a Awoli Koh'a Awoli Kohlin Rad Kohlin Rad Kruru Yuka Kruru Yuka Kubo Run Kubo Run Kuraki Kamuro Kuraki Kamuro Kurokiri Shima Kurokiri Shima Laika Equinox Laika Equinox Lemon Premium Lemon Premium Light Guide Light Guide Lilith Gains Lilith Gains Lina Chocolat Lina Chocolat Lokeke Loke Lokeke Loke Luna Mary Luna Mary Lye Valeroyant Lye Valeroyant Lyle Choderlos Lyle Choderlos Makura Coro-coro Makura Coro-coro Malt's Premium Malt's Premium Maruchan Yama Maruchan Yama Masa Strife Masa Strife Mayer Staicia Mayer Staicia Meme Wolxes Meme Wolxes Mimimi Zakuro Mimimi Zakuro Miu Ayuwa Miu Ayuwa Miu Premium Miu Premium Miya Nere Miya Nere Mofumo Fluffy Mofumo Fluffy Momonke Yotsu Momonke Yotsu Murahito Notes Murahito Notes Nanako Sat Nanako Sat Nanamin Nami Nanamin Nami Nano Noir Nano Noir Nao Isaka Nao Isaka Naoha Mujuuk Naoha Mujuuk Naokun Wesker Naokun Wesker Neko Zashiki Neko Zashiki Nemiu Cocos Nemiu Cocos Nemu Rin Nemu Rin Ninia Foehn Ninia Foehn Nono Fumi Nono Fumi Nouveau Beaujolais Nouveau Beaujolais Nowa Yeanling Nowa Yeanling Nyanp Holy Nyanp Holy Outlets Premiumu Outlets Premiumu Phi Semvel Phi Semvel Pollard Handre Pollard Handre Pon Wisteria Pon Wisteria Prike Sprite Prike Sprite Pulse Axela Pulse Axela Q- Chan Q- Chan Raila Kisaragi Raila Kisaragi Rain Rain's Rain Rain's Ran Ichigo Ran Ichigo Ray Lune Ray Lune Reiwa Premium Reiwa Premium Ren Heytung Ren Heytung Ren Kaneki Ren Kaneki Rena Lemonheart Rena Lemonheart Rito Kagura Rito Kagura Rock Scope Rock Scope Ruki Amelia Ruki Amelia Ruli Losey Ruli Losey Ruv Ain Ruv Ain Ryu Dork Ryu Dork Sakamoto Ria Sakamoto Ria Saori Swaya Saori Swaya Satori Nolan Satori Nolan Sayu Iris Sayu Iris Sen Vivid Sen Vivid Senku Hyuse Senku Hyuse Serasu Victoria Serasu Victoria Sha-ron Konigstiegel Sha-ron Konigstiegel Shiki Od Shiki Od Shin Chou Shin Chou Shine Luminous Shine Luminous Shiozuki Kuma Shiozuki Kuma Sio Rin Sio Rin Snow Believe Snow Believe Soare Slunce Soare Slunce Soari Nico Soari Nico Sofia Scarlet Sofia Scarlet Sophie Ta Sophie Ta Spopon Sponge Spopon Sponge Stensan Second Stensan Second Suffie A-luna Suffie A-luna Sugar Lapin Sugar Lapin Sugi Sunrise Sugi Sunrise Sumiuth Konigstiegel Sumiuth Konigstiegel Tagosuke Kisetsu Tagosuke Kisetsu Taramo Chaosy Taramo Chaosy Tari Tari Tari Tari Tezz Tezka Tezz Tezka Thyolo Sin Thyolo Sin Ticket Premium Ticket Premium Toto Volta Toto Volta Tsugumi- Komachi Tsugumi- Komachi Tsun Mame Tsun Mame Uepon Granblue Uepon Granblue Ume Kichi Ume Kichi Unyu Fuga Unyu Fuga Usagi Manju Usagi Manju Vilia Quelle Vilia Quelle Vinca Major Vinca Major Wanko Taremimi Wanko Taremimi Waterlily Tutahebi Waterlily Tutahebi Welshcorgi White Welshcorgi White Worf Nattou Worf Nattou Yanko Moori Yanko Moori Yaume Hana Yaume Hana Yoruka Natuki Yoruka Natuki Yoshi Mustache Yoshi Mustache Yufchi Smotyoa Yufchi Smotyoa Yuria Yuzuriha Yuria Yuzuriha Yurisa Loy Yurisa Loy