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Children of Fortune

Rank 30 Free Company "Children of Fortune" was formed on and registered on with ID 9228297848947336118. Last set of interviews conducted on .

has the following slogan:

Home to the Charm Gaming Community - an FC run by a collection of friends. Super active Discord and welcoming to all players! Come join us today!

Operates on Famfrit, Primal, leaving tags "Charm" all over the place and increasing glory of Immortal FlamesImmortal Flames.

Has this message on its plot placard:

Happy home of the Children of Fortune

Participates in:

  • LevelingLeveling
  • CasualCasual
  • DungeonsDungeons
  • GuildhestsGuildhests
  • TrialsTrials
  • RaidsRaids

Is recruiting:

  • TankTank
  • HealerHealer
  • CrafterCrafter
  • GathererGatherer

Current members:

A'maeda Oakfist A'maeda Oakfist Abbey Keefe Abbey Keefe Absouler Luminary Absouler Luminary Adalaide Trattino Adalaide Trattino Adia Po Adia Po Aelandra Tyrthym Aelandra Tyrthym Aerolyn Cerberus Aerolyn Cerberus Aether Sutherland Aether Sutherland Alcreston Cross Alcreston Cross Alex Thepuncher Alex Thepuncher Almatara Wright Almatara Wright Alrus Edenheim Alrus Edenheim Altria Caster Altria Caster Alyn Blackthorne Alyn Blackthorne Amon Shader Amon Shader Archibald Haddock Archibald Haddock Ares Neru Ares Neru Arix Lavair Arix Lavair Artemis Runecaster Artemis Runecaster Arusu Kishibe Arusu Kishibe Asta Liebe Asta Liebe Athena Bloodfury Athena Bloodfury Aura Bell Aura Bell Aya Mayonaka Aya Mayonaka Aynes Voldigo Aynes Voldigo Azrael Yamada Azrael Yamada Beans Bandit Beans Bandit Bee Tunes Bee Tunes Bomb Pop Bomb Pop Boondocks Of-saints Boondocks Of-saints Bravie Heart Bravie Heart Brisa Dee Brisa Dee Broken Rubber Broken Rubber Brutus Lamenter Brutus Lamenter Buntrag Kr Buntrag Kr Cabbage Velveteen Cabbage Velveteen Caldrena Fae Caldrena Fae Carmi Setoh Carmi Setoh Celestia Polaris Celestia Polaris Cellisa Ruto Cellisa Ruto Celoxes Aeolian Celoxes Aeolian Cgfolk Playz Cgfolk Playz Chisato Rhiki Chisato Rhiki Chord Honikan Chord Honikan Ciara Lumaer Ciara Lumaer Cillian Drake Cillian Drake Cohda Etranger Cohda Etranger Colonel Cuddles Colonel Cuddles Coookie Monster Coookie Monster Cornelius Norwood Cornelius Norwood Cubert Farnsworth Cubert Farnsworth Daddy Hujaur Daddy Hujaur Daeroth Greyblade Daeroth Greyblade Daisy Eisenhoffer Daisy Eisenhoffer Dajeiko Silverfang Dajeiko Silverfang Daniel Goddokiraii Daniel Goddokiraii Dante Grimm Dante Grimm Dante Valkeineis Dante Valkeineis Dantrag Kr Dantrag Kr Dave Dadd Dave Dadd Dawn Cinder Dawn Cinder Daylen Namaran Daylen Namaran Debroye Bysnoe Debroye Bysnoe Delta Airlines Delta Airlines Dizzy Machina Dizzy Machina Dorito Lord Dorito Lord Draje Danjon Draje Danjon Eatmyass Thesecond Eatmyass Thesecond Elfleda Harper Elfleda Harper Eqqa Ex Eqqa Ex Eshra Maysant Eshra Maysant Eve Kharlu Eve Kharlu Feena Castomira Feena Castomira Fiolvit Syrwesfv Fiolvit Syrwesfv Fran Atoel Fran Atoel Funana Hakuuchi Funana Hakuuchi G'raha My-tia G'raha My-tia Gemma Walker Gemma Walker Gentle Gabriel Gentle Gabriel Gielnor Sassingway Gielnor Sassingway Giselle Kizitiki Giselle Kizitiki Glenn Lucis Glenn Lucis Gracie Trattino Gracie Trattino Greth Normaxus Greth Normaxus Guile Ghidora Guile Ghidora Gyokusei Gyoji Gyokusei Gyoji H'rihnn Mimra H'rihnn Mimra Haliax Alaxel Haliax Alaxel Hayden Sawyer Hayden Sawyer Hermano Enano Hermano Enano Hysteria Hexghost Hysteria Hexghost Hyurt Me Hyurt Me I-am Legend I-am Legend Inferna Shivaeus Inferna Shivaeus Ios Byakko Ios Byakko Irelia Kai'sa Irelia Kai'sa Ishtar Vhuh Ishtar Vhuh Isyf Utama Isyf Utama Jager Tron Jager Tron Jc Phoenix Jc Phoenix Jolyne Johaun Jolyne Johaun Jotun Storm-wielder Jotun Storm-wielder Juniper Berri Juniper Berri K'ai Miyakajima K'ai Miyakajima Kala Naweh Kala Naweh Kam Nightwish Kam Nightwish Kaory Natsuky Kaory Natsuky Katlyin Oakheart Katlyin Oakheart Keanu Leves Keanu Leves Kei Crimson Kei Crimson Khortoi Ayuul Khortoi Ayuul King Masamune King Masamune Kira Broodsong Kira Broodsong Kiriltai Yardra Kiriltai Yardra Kirito Samir Kirito Samir Kiyo Isurugi Kiyo Isurugi Koh'li Duga Koh'li Duga Kris Morell Kris Morell Kuin Kyo Kuin Kyo Kuina Kogane Kuina Kogane Kuro Tiger Kuro Tiger Kusanagi Vermillion Kusanagi Vermillion Kyle Wyvary Kyle Wyvary Kylock Bryle Kylock Bryle Kyouko Hori Kyouko Hori Lavi Tallarn Lavi Tallarn Lei Tsu Lei Tsu Lexi Roseheart Lexi Roseheart Little Turnip Little Turnip Lok Tar Lok Tar Lolury Aabye Lolury Aabye Lord Gorn Lord Gorn Lothian Heart Lothian Heart Louie Dhari Louie Dhari Lowkee Loki Lowkee Loki Lucavia Erlosung Lucavia Erlosung Lucerna Askara Lucerna Askara Lucian Frostvalor Lucian Frostvalor Lucky Fortune Lucky Fortune Luna Tenebrae Luna Tenebrae Luneth Sunna Luneth Sunna Lux Solis Lux Solis Lyn Bread Lyn Bread Magnus Artinian Magnus Artinian Mahina Pua Mahina Pua Maia Kintana Maia Kintana Makoto Dots Makoto Dots Maladis Al-hime Maladis Al-hime Maluhia Pani Maluhia Pani Margin Walker Margin Walker Max Rockatansky Max Rockatansky Melon Husk Melon Husk Mia Evony Mia Evony Miah Khra Miah Khra Miechonne Vibeux Miechonne Vibeux Mighty Nutz Mighty Nutz Mizuki Bushida Mizuki Bushida Mizuki Hakuuchi Mizuki Hakuuchi Modern Hermeticist Modern Hermeticist Moonbase Commander Moonbase Commander Mothra Stewart Mothra Stewart N'ekho Murh N'ekho Murh Natsu Firehawk Natsu Firehawk Natsumi Yumishi Natsumi Yumishi Nikumi Mito Nikumi Mito Nilsandreas Skywarden Nilsandreas Skywarden Noelito Alzuno Noelito Alzuno Notte Cacciatore Notte Cacciatore Odin Lux Odin Lux Orchidia Morada Orchidia Morada Orion Nighthollow Orion Nighthollow Osk Rehw Osk Rehw Osk Yaskaret Osk Yaskaret P'rototype Atlas P'rototype Atlas Pandao Trindade Pandao Trindade Papoto Dots Papoto Dots Peace Walker Peace Walker Peaceful Bramble Peaceful Bramble Pedro Pspspscal Pedro Pspspscal Plushy Tabby Plushy Tabby Pocket Sage Pocket Sage Putdirt Onit Putdirt Onit Raba Balerion Raba Balerion Raika Shen Raika Shen Ralor Peesh Ralor Peesh Reheato Burrito Reheato Burrito Revati Yakshi Revati Yakshi Rhajat Zhwan Rhajat Zhwan Rifl Heim Rifl Heim Rodrich Ayers Rodrich Ayers Rosalina Irithyll Rosalina Irithyll Ruby Wick Ruby Wick Rukia Murakami Rukia Murakami Rurusi Milvaneth Rurusi Milvaneth Sam Maddox Sam Maddox Sander Armid Sander Armid Sandukhan Baythamuz Sandukhan Baythamuz Saucy Nugget Saucy Nugget Se'ra Neru Se'ra Neru Seraphina Lesrekta Seraphina Lesrekta Shadowo Zalador Shadowo Zalador Shallo Moon Shallo Moon Shoto Asaumi Shoto Asaumi Shunrai Wolf Shunrai Wolf Silvaire Caedro Silvaire Caedro Sky Aenir Sky Aenir Slamocity Jones Slamocity Jones Snores Hendricks Snores Hendricks Somnium Somnum Somnium Somnum Sophia Josephine Sophia Josephine Soul Zephyr Soul Zephyr Spicy Nugget Spicy Nugget Spinning Storm Spinning Storm Spud Cannon Spud Cannon Starr Fox Starr Fox Stompy Potato Stompy Potato Sukk Depp Sukk Depp Tahdala Umami Tahdala Umami Takeo Kudo Takeo Kudo Taranis Jokull Taranis Jokull Tatasu Moonbeam Tatasu Moonbeam Temper K' Temper K' The Merk The Merk Thebig Longshaft Thebig Longshaft Theo Irlingstar Theo Irlingstar Theo Moonstone Theo Moonstone Thy Bach Thy Bach Tocan Bismarck Tocan Bismarck Todes Handler Todes Handler Tohru Maiddragon Tohru Maiddragon Tonton Mo Tonton Mo Tsuna Black Tsuna Black Tya'a Polmokha Tya'a Polmokha Tyruc Dragomire Tyruc Dragomire Ulrich Lestrat Ulrich Lestrat Unique Ason Unique Ason Usidore Blueway Usidore Blueway Vaant Hollsunn Vaant Hollsunn Valor Draegan Valor Draegan Varesa Kaye Varesa Kaye Vikingdeath Valhalla Vikingdeath Valhalla Viresse Faedhinen Viresse Faedhinen Vivi Yukino Vivi Yukino Vritra Kuraokami Vritra Kuraokami W'yandih Laqi W'yandih Laqi Won Kah Won Kah Wyn Morqen Wyn Morqen X'fhai'a Tia X'fhai'a Tia Xena Diablos Xena Diablos Xenophilius Moonstone Xenophilius Moonstone Xixi Itadori Xixi Itadori Yarn Medra Yarn Medra Yuki Sagahl Yuki Sagahl Zana Mewrilah Zana Mewrilah Zana'se Lyehga Zana'se Lyehga Zastavan Ostovreign Zastavan Ostovreign Zeragoth Norixius Zeragoth Norixius Zero Hurawko Zero Hurawko Zvent Lightwing Zvent Lightwing