This is the section, where you can learn about Simbiat Software.


Yes, this mug is mine.

Who I am, you ask?

My name is Dmitry Kustov, sometimes known as Simbiat, and I am sole owner and developer of this website you are on.

Born in 1989 I hail from a small town "Moscow" somewhere in lesser known country "Russian Federation".

I code in PHP and JavaScript, watch anime and TV series and play computer games. I want to make games. Or rather I want to tell stories, but the way I "see" those stories requires a visual component and sometimes interactivity, if the story is to deliver more, than just words. I am interested in telling stories revolving around "unique" patterns of thinking (psychological component), morality and, generally, one's feelings.

And... No idea what else you would want to know about me 😅

Fun fact: my "Simbiat" alias turned out to be a female name commonly used in Africa and arabian countries. I derived it from "symbiont" (specifically those things from "Spider-Man" comics), so it felt weird, that it turned out to be a female name as well. Luckily enough it stands for strong woman, so I decided to keep it regardless.

If you want to learn more about the website itself, check this section. If you want to check my resume, check this one. If you suddenly want to know something else about me, let me know using my contacts.