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Rank 30 Free Company "ARDAVALON" was formed on and registered on with ID 9237023573225267145. Last set of interviews conducted on .

has the following slogan:

Fc ita casual midcore. Discord, gruppo Wa/telegram. Casa L attrezzata, Full navi/sottomarini. Chi vuole aiutare é benvenuto :

Operates on Ragnarok, Chaos, leaving tags "ITALY" all over the place and increasing glory of Order of the Twin AdderOrder of the Twin Adder. Has a large base named "ArdHome" on plot 36 in ward 9 of The Lavender Beds, Gridania, The Black Shroud Show on map.

Has this message on its plot placard:

Elen Sila Lumen Omentielvo
Benvenuti a coloro che entreranno con rispetto e in amicizi

Participates in:

  • LevelingLeveling
  • CasualCasual
  • DungeonsDungeons
  • GuildhestsGuildhests
  • TrialsTrials
  • RaidsRaids

Is recruiting:

  • TankTank
  • HealerHealer
  • CrafterCrafter
  • GathererGatherer

Current members:

Abjorn Bloodlust Abjorn Bloodlust Achille Spartano Achille Spartano Aegnor Cerberus Aegnor Cerberus Afterlife Leonhart Afterlife Leonhart Ahriett Dio Ahriett Dio Aileen Moonrise Aileen Moonrise Aiz Starbright Aiz Starbright Akemi Rie Akemi Rie Akii Chan Akii Chan Ala Flawreth Ala Flawreth Alasdair Brown Alasdair Brown Alastor Fringberg Alastor Fringberg Alasya Moon Alasya Moon Albert Uruz Albert Uruz Albines Foglianera Albines Foglianera Aldebaran Tauri Aldebaran Tauri Alec Sama Alec Sama Alex Izumi Alex Izumi Aleyster Crowley Aleyster Crowley Alisea Silverkin Alisea Silverkin Alphaportal Master Alphaportal Master Alun Alidia Alun Alidia Alysea Freeangel Alysea Freeangel Amaterasu Lady Amaterasu Lady Amelie Azazel Amelie Azazel Amgra Wolndara Amgra Wolndara Anavel Chan Anavel Chan Andrea Strife Andrea Strife Andros Fiore Andros Fiore Angelus Leonhart Angelus Leonhart Anos Voldigord Anos Voldigord Anya Shirai Anya Shirai Apribottije Tappo Apribottije Tappo Aqa Farron Aqa Farron Araan Hawkeye Araan Hawkeye Aragorn Estelessar Aragorn Estelessar Arase Yuno Arase Yuno Ardyll Hart Ardyll Hart Argath Sakai Argath Sakai Argentea Silver Argentea Silver Ariel Moonlight Ariel Moonlight Aries Five Aries Five Arkanum Fisam Arkanum Fisam Arles Phoenix Arles Phoenix Ars Noxia Ars Noxia Artemide Seleine Artemide Seleine Artorias Menethil Artorias Menethil Artorias Pricefield Artorias Pricefield Artorius Pendragon Artorius Pendragon Arual Atacil Arual Atacil Arwen Kales Arwen Kales Asahina Aoi Asahina Aoi Ashes Xperia Ashes Xperia Aslan Spaccaossa Aslan Spaccaossa Astandahl Jizutsu Astandahl Jizutsu Astrid Moonveil Astrid Moonveil Asura God Asura God Asuuna Astral Asuuna Astral Auras Abei Auras Abei Aurorah Strong Aurorah Strong Awhaga Barabusca Awhaga Barabusca Ayato Yamada Ayato Yamada Aylon Xerneth Aylon Xerneth Aylward Sama Aylward Sama Azami Hatasashi Azami Hatasashi B'elle Delphine B'elle Delphine Baal Frejasen Baal Frejasen Bad Pixel Bad Pixel Badd Bunny Badd Bunny Bakari Dalmar Bakari Dalmar Balmung Pendragon Balmung Pendragon Belze Bub Belze Bub Beowulf Xandine Beowulf Xandine Bernie Varley Bernie Varley Bethany White Bethany White Bismark It Bismark It Bjorn Haraldsson Bjorn Haraldsson Black Almas Black Almas Black Angel Black Angel Black Arrow Black Arrow Blazor Lannister Blazor Lannister Bs Krudha Bs Krudha Camelia Moonflake Camelia Moonflake Can Calatrava Can Calatrava Carlito Amarant Carlito Amarant Celeriant Dya'nae Celeriant Dya'nae Chobee Matoto Chobee Matoto Chrystall Kujo Chrystall Kujo Chuck Bartowski Chuck Bartowski Cissnei Akagekido Cissnei Akagekido Ciu Isbetterthanone Ciu Isbetterthanone Claus Corvins Claus Corvins Clovis Hawklight Clovis Hawklight Cole Firehearth Cole Firehearth Conrad Maratris Conrad Maratris Corvus Barbatus Corvus Barbatus Criseldia Owlcaller Criseldia Owlcaller Cristian Muccini Cristian Muccini Cru Cruhell Cru Cruhell Culoi Nto Culoi Nto Daelvir Harowael Daelvir Harowael Darkan Stark Darkan Stark Darkside Lord Darkside Lord Darthzez Hutberg Darthzez Hutberg Darxen Noir Darxen Noir Davide Cercastelle Davide Cercastelle Davion Bloodfallen Davion Bloodfallen Dazel Lovesan Dazel Lovesan Deathlook Reagis Deathlook Reagis Dejla Roda Dejla Roda Deliria Stormrage Deliria Stormrage Devil Johan Devil Johan Dini Trio Dini Trio Dio Brandoh Dio Brandoh Donovan Niss Donovan Niss Dorim Eternus Dorim Eternus Dottor Anto Dottor Anto Dragon Crystal Dragon Crystal Dragon Hearts Dragon Hearts Drake Orunitia Drake Orunitia Eartha Hime Eartha Hime Edge Maverik Edge Maverik Edvard Uranodes Edvard Uranodes Edward Arkwryght Edward Arkwryght Edwiin Blade Edwiin Blade Eiko Carol' Eiko Carol' Eizan Ikeda Eizan Ikeda Elaiza Crystal Elaiza Crystal Elemyr Vengard Elemyr Vengard Elien Giustocuore Elien Giustocuore Eloki Lux Eloki Lux Elyadir Radver Elyadir Radver Emanuele Speranza Emanuele Speranza Ember Grindelia Ember Grindelia Emy Evo Emy Evo Enuma Elishh Enuma Elishh Eowin Rosfield Eowin Rosfield Erde Kaiser Erde Kaiser Erk Leonhart Erk Leonhart Eruerufu Karlstein Eruerufu Karlstein Erza Scarleth Erza Scarleth Esterus Ligabaut Esterus Ligabaut Esthael Koorst Esthael Koorst Eva Kant Eva Kant Eve Gunt Eve Gunt Eveelyn Nutkracker Eveelyn Nutkracker Eversor Phoenix Eversor Phoenix Ezreal Demacia Ezreal Demacia Fata Eleonora Fata Eleonora Fate Archer Fate Archer Fenjuul Nilius Fenjuul Nilius Ferro'da Steer Ferro'da Steer Fiamma Leon Fiamma Leon Final Paradise Final Paradise Flevir Jenkins Flevir Jenkins Flintex Strykon Flintex Strykon Folken Gaius Folken Gaius Fracchia Zzo Fracchia Zzo Francesco Lombardi Francesco Lombardi Frank Bocio Frank Bocio Frans Nymen Frans Nymen Frigo Baretto Frigo Baretto Frollina Baldavina Frollina Baldavina Fuebi Lerua' Fuebi Lerua' Fyre Soul Fyre Soul Gatsu Deathbrigher Gatsu Deathbrigher Ghar'a Eli Ghar'a Eli Ghill Tresfog Ghill Tresfog Ghiryem Grellen Ghiryem Grellen Giallo Rialzo Giallo Rialzo Gianlu Cura Gianlu Cura Giggle Beast Giggle Beast Gin Langaard Gin Langaard Ginko Delaval Ginko Delaval Giulio Leonida Giulio Leonida Givemepizza Alexander Givemepizza Alexander Gna Gnamar Gna Gnamar Gnaru Shieldwall Gnaru Shieldwall Guido Vytonos Guido Vytonos Gummina Drummina Gummina Drummina Gustavo Labamba Gustavo Labamba Gwayne Hill Gwayne Hill Halionor Plains Halionor Plains Hane Kujo Hane Kujo Harbinger Wisewolfe Harbinger Wisewolfe Hasteg Drakius Hasteg Drakius Haxel Whisper Haxel Whisper Heal' Arya Heal' Arya Hela Riia Hela Riia Heleison Mei Heleison Mei Helio Taiyo Helio Taiyo Helk Moonseeker Helk Moonseeker Hellfo Flipflop Hellfo Flipflop Helnos Seele Helnos Seele Hergrom Druid Hergrom Druid Hisoka Kurogane Hisoka Kurogane Hixyllian Sin'light Hixyllian Sin'light Hunter Gery Hunter Gery Ignoto Heroiz Ignoto Heroiz Ila Heaven Ila Heaven Illasir Argent Illasir Argent Illumi White Illumi White Impact It Impact It Infermiera Giuseppina Infermiera Giuseppina Irina Morgenstern Irina Morgenstern Isidis Guanciale Isidis Guanciale Isior Dragon Isior Dragon Iyshitaru Mihau Iyshitaru Mihau J'majha Tykha J'majha Tykha Jackie Panamax Jackie Panamax Jade Eltharion Jade Eltharion Jade Eltharion' Jade Eltharion' Jeradans Roger Jeradans Roger Jhoza Zill Jhoza Zill Joh'el Greywarden Joh'el Greywarden John Misty John Misty Jonny Shigekuni Jonny Shigekuni K'atharsis Mazikeen K'atharsis Mazikeen K'rhos Zaiawrova K'rhos Zaiawrova Kahlua Ayllynsun Kahlua Ayllynsun Kairi Cavendish Kairi Cavendish Kajir Akhar Kajir Akhar Kalyani Ludlow Kalyani Ludlow Kanna Chan Kanna Chan Kappa Aetheryal Kappa Aetheryal Katla Meow Katla Meow Kazzanda Montau Kazzanda Montau Kekazu Aideto Kekazu Aideto Kendral Homes Kendral Homes Kestix Kitsune Kestix Kitsune Khaliria Moonshade Khaliria Moonshade Khayman Drako Khayman Drako Khayser Darksteel Khayser Darksteel Khellendros Redreaver Khellendros Redreaver Khorvinus Blake Khorvinus Blake Kiba Lux Kiba Lux Kilik Shadowfox Kilik Shadowfox Kimura Armlock Kimura Armlock Kinta Style Kinta Style Kira Strife Kira Strife Kirito Senko Kirito Senko Koko Gesi Koko Gesi Koori Nagashi Koori Nagashi Kovu Aziva Kovu Aziva Krane Haustefort Krane Haustefort Kren'la Dur'kran Kren'la Dur'kran Krond Kuroba Krond Kuroba Kurai Shinko Kurai Shinko Kurisu Haku Kurisu Haku Kuroi Raijin Kuroi Raijin Kuroitsuki Kun Kuroitsuki Kun Kuromi Lulamoon Kuromi Lulamoon Kval Om'dirh Kval Om'dirh Kyo Yari Kyo Yari Kyojuro Rengoku Kyojuro Rengoku Kyoka Izumi Kyoka Izumi Kyrze Piranha Kyrze Piranha Lady Aethernia Lady Aethernia Lance Reed Lance Reed Landarus Noctis Landarus Noctis Lathyfan Truelight Lathyfan Truelight Lauriel Mortis Lauriel Mortis Leeroy Breslov Leeroy Breslov Leilania Fowler Leilania Fowler Lena Dinivas Lena Dinivas Leon Harth Leon Harth Lexa Dracarys Lexa Dracarys Leyla Rasheed Leyla Rasheed Lichto Zeryos Lichto Zeryos Lief Law Lief Law Light Raines Light Raines Lilja Hyskaris Lilja Hyskaris Lisandor Taurjel Lisandor Taurjel Liset Nigma Liset Nigma Little Bocio Little Bocio Lone Thewolf Lone Thewolf Looking For Looking For Loonely Reaper Loonely Reaper Lorek Oaks Lorek Oaks Lorelai Flower Lorelai Flower Lorem Ipsum Lorem Ipsum Lorraine Azura Lorraine Azura Lu Missile Lu Missile Luan Kartan Luan Kartan Luchist Azrael Luchist Azrael Lucky Zippo Lucky Zippo Luna Blacwolf Luna Blacwolf Lupos Garou Lupos Garou Lurec Socrates Lurec Socrates Luthien Vandyne Luthien Vandyne Lylius Nook Lylius Nook Lym Flareglaze Lym Flareglaze Lyssyna Magistra Lyssyna Magistra Mage Alexander Mage Alexander Magic Wolff Magic Wolff Malak Done Malak Done Maleniawoman Miquella Maleniawoman Miquella Mandorallen Lightsson Mandorallen Lightsson Masaho Masashi Masaho Masashi Mashica Lodestar Mashica Lodestar Max Hannma Max Hannma Max Vl Max Vl Maxx Hanma Maxx Hanma Medari Rainsong Medari Rainsong Melyanna Silvermoon Melyanna Silvermoon Mia Vipera Mia Vipera Miah No'shira Miah No'shira Midimmi Er Midimmi Er Milo Rayleigh Milo Rayleigh Mimi Gatti Mimi Gatti Miniver Sinclair Miniver Sinclair Mirabilis Dreikew Mirabilis Dreikew Mirko Culo Mirko Culo Mitsuru Kuroiwa Mitsuru Kuroiwa Mojo Bocio Mojo Bocio Momo Chiisai Momo Chiisai Moon Ye Moon Ye Morlum Mistgun Morlum Mistgun Mortimer Shadowburn Mortimer Shadowburn Mu Yifan Mu Yifan Muad' Dib Muad' Dib Murshana Ghost Murshana Ghost Musaly Musatzu Musaly Musatzu Mush Mujuuk Mush Mujuuk Myubri Ako Myubri Ako Nalim First Nalim First Nano Tech Nano Tech Nata Azrayel Nata Azrayel Nath'an Greywarden Nath'an Greywarden Nathariel Tykha Nathariel Tykha Naxfel Ryuth Naxfel Ryuth Naylon Kujo Naylon Kujo Neferion Starscream Neferion Starscream Nemesis Overheaven Nemesis Overheaven Nepuchun Himaa Nepuchun Himaa Nera Neve Nera Neve Neve Aurora Neve Aurora Nexus Joestar Nexus Joestar Nicotris Menenra Nicotris Menenra Nihal Mawas Nihal Mawas Nihal Stormwind Nihal Stormwind Nim Xaniquos Nim Xaniquos Nino D'angelonero Nino D'angelonero Nise Aura Nise Aura Noctifera Malombra Noctifera Malombra Noctis Ryuji Noctis Ryuji Nuba Uor Nuba Uor Nydas Kuykuy Nydas Kuykuy Nymphee Leonhart Nymphee Leonhart Nywoe Sarugaki Nywoe Sarugaki Obscuria Wish Obscuria Wish Odeon Leonhart Odeon Leonhart Olly Spence Olly Spence Omega Claudio Omega Claudio Ordalia Arcana Ordalia Arcana Oric Fiveg Oric Fiveg Oroci Sama Oroci Sama Palin Genesi Palin Genesi Pandy Ikary Pandy Ikary Pasta Girl Pasta Girl Persifal Vakarian Persifal Vakarian Pink Abbadon Pink Abbadon Pippi Calzelunghe Pippi Calzelunghe Pla Cebo Pla Cebo Potion Pitcher Potion Pitcher Preston Garvey Preston Garvey Priscilla Voluspa Priscilla Voluspa Purino Brucaliffo Purino Brucaliffo Pyha Mewatal Pyha Mewatal Qantko Darwin Qantko Darwin Raahii Zena Raahii Zena Raclaw Irryasch Raclaw Irryasch Rad Raiki Rad Raiki Radaghast Alomaar Radaghast Alomaar Rafael Arta Rafael Arta Ragnarok Haze Ragnarok Haze Rahmu Raiden Rahmu Raiden Raiju Arashi Raiju Arashi Rakshata Darkness Rakshata Darkness Rale'y Zare'k Rale'y Zare'k Ramza Beowolf Ramza Beowolf Randall Ironcut Randall Ironcut Rashika Chandra Rashika Chandra Raster Blackwing Raster Blackwing Rayzed Nightsong Rayzed Nightsong Red Cool Red Cool Rei Highwind Rei Highwind Rei Ki Rei Ki Reidan Caelum Reidan Caelum Revan Hunden Revan Hunden Rexler Dahlen Rexler Dahlen Reykan Reks Reykan Reks Rhaga Flanahan Rhaga Flanahan Riky Thedragon Riky Thedragon Rinaldo Deglialbizzi Rinaldo Deglialbizzi Rita Pavone Rita Pavone Ritchie Nest Ritchie Nest Roby Rabrob Roby Rabrob Rohirrim Lir Rohirrim Lir Roi Coted'or Roi Coted'or Rokushi Reibunzu Rokushi Reibunzu Rose Vespers Rose Vespers Roxandra Starkiller Roxandra Starkiller Rphll Betelgeuse Rphll Betelgeuse Ruspetta Hill Ruspetta Hill Rya Hydragon Rya Hydragon Ryouachi Waki Ryouachi Waki Ryxen Thorgus Ryxen Thorgus Sadao Masaki Sadao Masaki Saeko Takeda Saeko Takeda Saetheren Estelenaar Saetheren Estelenaar Sairaorg Bael Sairaorg Bael Santana Waifu Santana Waifu Sanzo Barabba Sanzo Barabba Saori Soulkeeper Saori Soulkeeper Sarak Nyal Sarak Nyal Sarnek Thenaar Sarnek Thenaar Schifo Mado Schifo Mado Sebysquall Leonhart Sebysquall Leonhart Seifer Abel Seifer Abel Selax Egrin Selax Egrin Selenia Verthari Selenia Verthari Sephir Seishin Sephir Seishin Sergio Ff Sergio Ff Shadow Kiva Shadow Kiva Shadow No-kami Shadow No-kami Shadowdark Shu Shadowdark Shu Sharak Sanzo Sharak Sanzo Sharlin Croupier Sharlin Croupier Shimo Monkey Shimo Monkey Shiny Stone Shiny Stone Shirone Belserion Shirone Belserion Shiun Naeuri Shiun Naeuri Shorty Exodus Shorty Exodus Shoto Yeager Shoto Yeager Shyzanna Helwen Shyzanna Helwen Sieghart Miel Sieghart Miel Sinder Hellstrider Sinder Hellstrider Sir Eligor Sir Eligor Sir Ueshiba Sir Ueshiba Skarnhar Wartbyrst Skarnhar Wartbyrst Smooffy Esv Smooffy Esv Snitti Lunacy Snitti Lunacy Sol Flamma Sol Flamma Solar Luxor Solar Luxor Solidea Pascal Solidea Pascal Somnus Van'drake Somnus Van'drake Son Jeeno Son Jeeno Sorella Dalton Sorella Dalton Soter Dissidia Soter Dissidia Spark Job Spark Job Sparviere Earthsea Sparviere Earthsea Spyra Lightbringer Spyra Lightbringer Steelmore Whiteduke Steelmore Whiteduke Stefan Shadowsin Stefan Shadowsin Stoned Ceppo Stoned Ceppo Storm Infinity Storm Infinity Strange Yu Strange Yu Surtur Elewai Surtur Elewai Sweety Dead Sweety Dead Swergio Ineluttabile Swergio Ineluttabile Swn Clint Swn Clint Sylbhar Wissahrsyn Sylbhar Wissahrsyn Tappo Bassotto Tappo Bassotto Taru Taro Taru Taro Tauriel Helianthus Tauriel Helianthus Teiera Stratosferica Teiera Stratosferica Tera Kiba Tera Kiba Theoderme Lusirdrax Theoderme Lusirdrax Theros Ironfeld Theros Ironfeld Thorin Scudodiquercia Thorin Scudodiquercia Tikhomir Enyasch Tikhomir Enyasch Tork Fury Tork Fury Tornrak Dasiilak Tornrak Dasiilak Tramezzino Toast Tramezzino Toast Truce Baffoni Truce Baffoni Tsukino Kousagi Tsukino Kousagi Twisted Blacke Twisted Blacke Twobears Highfive Twobears Highfive Ukkoz Kylian Ukkoz Kylian Ultimo Weapon Ultimo Weapon Uzihell Majere Uzihell Majere Vahn Tatsumi Vahn Tatsumi Valeriy Apocalypse Valeriy Apocalypse Valstraz Liontail Valstraz Liontail Vanessa Soavecanto Vanessa Soavecanto Vanias Viras Vanias Viras Velecthor Edgyb'oi Velecthor Edgyb'oi Verde Sorc Verde Sorc Vincent Loire Vincent Loire Virgil Rottis Virgil Rottis Viviryon Didiryon Viviryon Didiryon Vlene Jamma Vlene Jamma Volkov Borodin Volkov Borodin Vunte Ruseus Vunte Ruseus W'ulgan Tia W'ulgan Tia Walt Onerz Walt Onerz War Yunay War Yunay Warrior' Within Warrior' Within Wasabi Kudasai Wasabi Kudasai Wenkroy Kroker Wenkroy Kroker Wilhelm Bunansa Wilhelm Bunansa Wolve Pitcher Wolve Pitcher X'fhiroh Lhea X'fhiroh Lhea Xacer Tea Xacer Tea Xanxus Greed Xanxus Greed Xiar Prime Xiar Prime Xilian Pass Xilian Pass Xizan Od Xizan Od Y'kovu Tia Y'kovu Tia Y'mell Kharn Y'mell Kharn Yahiko Jashin Yahiko Jashin Yakedo Kizutsuita Yakedo Kizutsuita Yasuo Lucis Yasuo Lucis Yuki Mizuki Yuki Mizuki Yuki Ru Yuki Ru Yuki Shinku Yuki Shinku Yuki Tsumetai Yuki Tsumetai Yukina Himeragi Yukina Himeragi Yukina Yukinoshita Yukina Yukinoshita Yulia Aegir Yulia Aegir Yuuki Hana Yuuki Hana Yuuki Rhel Yuuki Rhel Yuyure Yure Yuyure Yure Yxen Law Yxen Law Yzu Blangeim Yzu Blangeim Zarine Aybara Zarine Aybara Zazapoki Rarapoki Zazapoki Rarapoki Zell Dakwhil Zell Dakwhil Zenrir Stoktur Zenrir Stoktur Zeravos Lyonsbane Zeravos Lyonsbane Zero Pain Zero Pain Zerxen Dragneel Zerxen Dragneel Zheref Dragneel Zheref Dragneel Rayz Xiii Prime-Gardener Rayz Xiii