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Rank 30 Free Company "Rebirth" was formed on and registered on with ID 9234771773411683958. Last set of interviews conducted on .

has the following slogan:

Hello, we are Rebirth! We focus on group wide content and we provide a fun and welcoming atmosphere. New players and vets alike, you'll fit right in

Operates on Goblin, Crystal, leaving tags "Unity" all over the place and increasing glory of Immortal FlamesImmortal Flames.

Has this message on its plot placard:

Welcome to the Rebirth Free Company house! Come chill at our awesome nightclub in the basement and look around as well! Enjoy your stay!

Participates in:

  • LevelingLeveling
  • CasualCasual
  • DungeonsDungeons
  • TrialsTrials
  • RaidsRaids

Is recruiting:

  • TankTank
  • HealerHealer
  • CrafterCrafter
  • GathererGatherer

Current members:

Aerys Sol Aerys Sol Aki Uwu Aki Uwu Alice Astora Alice Astora Aloe Viera Aloe Viera Arik Arula Arik Arula Arniel Asgeir Arniel Asgeir Artemis Coldstar Artemis Coldstar Artenos Stromtakah Artenos Stromtakah Ashley Sun Ashley Sun Athena Keirei Athena Keirei Atticus Fletcher Atticus Fletcher Azuryn Uyagar Azuryn Uyagar Banagher Ume Banagher Ume Bando Baggins Bando Baggins Berryilda Grangburns Berryilda Grangburns Blue Celeste Blue Celeste Bongos Karas Bongos Karas Briar Naeuri Briar Naeuri Brodvich Kharlu Brodvich Kharlu Caelum Ardentis Caelum Ardentis Cafe Latte Cafe Latte Carcina Gens Carcina Gens Cassiandra Spice Cassiandra Spice Celenar Yurine Celenar Yurine Choco Leaf Choco Leaf Chronus Lionhart Chronus Lionhart Cornina Wolfshadow Cornina Wolfshadow Corpse Devilman Corpse Devilman Corryn Darkwolf Corryn Darkwolf Crisiscore Locked Crisiscore Locked Crow Karas Crow Karas Da Shondle Da Shondle Dada Dongo Dada Dongo Desmond Royce Desmond Royce Dexter Hellstrom Dexter Hellstrom Dusk Reaper Dusk Reaper Eden Bluewaver Eden Bluewaver Eldereth Alastaire Eldereth Alastaire Eldyria Coerynn Eldyria Coerynn Elles Dee Elles Dee Ellianna Elederyn Ellianna Elederyn Elorann Sidhe Elorann Sidhe Emilla Wojciechowska Emilla Wojciechowska Fasa Saffron Fasa Saffron Fatal Storm Fatal Storm Fina Jade Fina Jade Fineous Fate Fineous Fate Gambit Iskewl Gambit Iskewl Gatha Zefferi Gatha Zefferi Genghis Kahn Genghis Kahn Hal Apenyo Hal Apenyo Helix Ornitier Helix Ornitier Hunter Les Hunter Les Ja'llumea Levia Ja'llumea Levia Jaime Dracht Jaime Dracht Jakerdi Glarmago Jakerdi Glarmago Jee Turtle Jee Turtle Jinfan Tyata Jinfan Tyata Jocelyn Aeterna Jocelyn Aeterna K'vira Xuho K'vira Xuho Kaine Highwind Kaine Highwind Keaira Rose Keaira Rose Kef'ka Gest'ahl Kef'ka Gest'ahl Kel Tanshi Kel Tanshi Kizana Koo Kizana Koo Koh'sae Moshantu Koh'sae Moshantu Kotal Darkfang Kotal Darkfang Kyokagi Meikyogen Kyokagi Meikyogen Liania Star Liania Star Lil Whiskey Lil Whiskey Loguana Karas Loguana Karas Lord Genma Lord Genma Lord Maxs Lord Maxs Lucifer Grimoire Lucifer Grimoire Luna Starwind Luna Starwind M'ihli Nene M'ihli Nene Maomao Nyan Maomao Nyan Mel Buodah Mel Buodah Miss Gender Miss Gender Misti Rivers Misti Rivers Munh Mewlirah Munh Mewlirah Naoe Monhi Naoe Monhi Nesu Sen Nesu Sen Nuke N'kana Nuke N'kana Ol'reliable Castharc Ol'reliable Castharc Oro Silverbolt Oro Silverbolt Orysian Dross Orysian Dross Palsadia Talionis Palsadia Talionis Phantom-of Nighthawks Phantom-of Nighthawks Phoenix Khepri Phoenix Khepri Phunky Destroyah Phunky Destroyah Popa Falopa Popa Falopa Powder Bluetail Powder Bluetail Rachine Kisne Rachine Kisne Raelle Fox Raelle Fox Raethe Thorne Raethe Thorne Railgun Relanah Railgun Relanah Rena Valentine Rena Valentine Reno V'rtio Reno V'rtio Reverie Lark Reverie Lark Reynard Drogo Reynard Drogo Rick Azoth Rick Azoth Royal Pudding Royal Pudding Ryuka Dhorro Ryuka Dhorro Seshara Kinai Seshara Kinai Sestine Cirus Sestine Cirus Shadow Knife Shadow Knife Shelly Burwani Shelly Burwani Shin Gokenn Shin Gokenn Shizuku Roda Shizuku Roda Siklopa Bael Siklopa Bael Smol Frye Smol Frye Soleanna Storm Soleanna Storm Synai Moshantu Synai Moshantu T'brohkana Yhisa T'brohkana Yhisa Teile Heimweh Teile Heimweh Tharen Castle Tharen Castle Thesa Miret-moor Thesa Miret-moor Touya' Todoroki Touya' Todoroki Traygoza Grelinstone Traygoza Grelinstone Vann Blackwood Vann Blackwood Victor Craag Victor Craag Wakatoshi Ushijima Wakatoshi Ushijima Werdna Saunar Werdna Saunar Willie Bobi Willie Bobi Wyatt Nyte Wyatt Nyte Xaelo Phorus Xaelo Phorus Y'sra Tia Y'sra Tia Zann Acks Zann Acks Zeon Navark Zeon Navark Zephyr Hide Zephyr Hide Zero Lights Zero Lights Zetta Slow Zetta Slow Zim Zalabim' Zim Zalabim' Zoe Ferret Zoe Ferret Zuii Toster Zuii Toster Cassie Antalk The Void Cassie Antalk Niinarh Stone The Void Niinarh Stone Adelheid Clay Illuminated Adelheid Clay Akagi Rokuyari Illuminated Akagi Rokuyari Akari Blaze Illuminated Akari Blaze Anzu Kyzeria Illuminated Anzu Kyzeria Asianspice Kulade Illuminated Asianspice Kulade Astolfo Bestgirl Illuminated Astolfo Bestgirl Avenging Fossil Illuminated Avenging Fossil Ayame Gyoji Illuminated Ayame Gyoji Belli Moon Illuminated Belli Moon Calader Jennings Illuminated Calader Jennings Carrlee Ohmsford Illuminated Carrlee Ohmsford Chair Mahogany Illuminated Chair Mahogany Chiluku Mierqid Illuminated Chiluku Mierqid Eldin Vex Illuminated Eldin Vex Elswyn Winters Illuminated Elswyn Winters Elyse A'mari Illuminated Elyse A'mari Fafawai Hahawai Illuminated Fafawai Hahawai Feleena Inferus Illuminated Feleena Inferus Fem Shepard Illuminated Fem Shepard G'abryn Tia Illuminated G'abryn Tia Gath Ky Illuminated Gath Ky Grim Visage Illuminated Grim Visage Helix Nova Illuminated Helix Nova Hitstick Gunmetal Illuminated Hitstick Gunmetal Internet Trash Illuminated Internet Trash Iza Kusanagi Illuminated Iza Kusanagi Kane Weyland Illuminated Kane Weyland Kenetra Zumata Illuminated Kenetra Zumata Keth Revajak Illuminated Keth Revajak Khajiit Moon Illuminated Khajiit Moon Ki'tsoon Saede Illuminated Ki'tsoon Saede Langex Tenebris Illuminated Langex Tenebris Layla Rhiki Illuminated Layla Rhiki Levi Cicatrix Illuminated Levi Cicatrix Lillium Blaze Illuminated Lillium Blaze Liokki Sjadarwesfv Illuminated Liokki Sjadarwesfv Master Warrage Illuminated Master Warrage Morgana Meow Illuminated Morgana Meow N'wah Fetcher Illuminated N'wah Fetcher Nemu Rendal Illuminated Nemu Rendal Nerta D'vile Illuminated Nerta D'vile Ninne Vrolyn Illuminated Ninne Vrolyn Nogi Kirsi Illuminated Nogi Kirsi Obatala Deoshun Illuminated Obatala Deoshun Rahk Nunh Illuminated Rahk Nunh Sess Prime Illuminated Sess Prime Shiho Nakahara Illuminated Shiho Nakahara Shiro Amariyo Illuminated Shiro Amariyo Shiva Bane Illuminated Shiva Bane Sirblast Sir Illuminated Sirblast Sir Talen Drecloud Illuminated Talen Drecloud Trippy Killer Illuminated Trippy Killer U'ldren Sov Illuminated U'ldren Sov Ultra Cubanite Illuminated Ultra Cubanite Valinar Stormblessed Illuminated Valinar Stormblessed Vetr Kirsi Illuminated Vetr Kirsi Vigilante Mcgee Illuminated Vigilante Mcgee Zuken Molkoh Illuminated Zuken Molkoh Zyrvi Mevi Illuminated Zyrvi Mevi