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Rank 30 Free Company "Gemz" was formed on and registered on with ID 9229142273877457959. Last set of interviews conducted on .

has the following slogan:

Gemz! a casual social friendly helpful place you can call home :

Operates on Zalera, Crystal, leaving tags "Gemz" all over the place and increasing glory of MaelstromMaelstrom. Has a large base named "Gemz" on plot 5 in ward 20 of Mist, Limsa Lominsa, Vylbrand Show on map.

Participates in:

  • LevelingLeveling
  • CasualCasual
  • DungeonsDungeons
  • GuildhestsGuildhests
  • TrialsTrials
  • RaidsRaids
Has an open community.

Is recruiting:

  • TankTank
  • HealerHealer
  • CrafterCrafter
  • GathererGatherer

Had also been known under 2 other names:

  • Black Lotus
  • Little Gemz

Current members:

Abolim Pai Abolim Pai Adamas Humerum Adamas Humerum Aezabelle Silverwolf Aezabelle Silverwolf Aiden Sprout Aiden Sprout Alden Yu'tu Alden Yu'tu Allyria Star Allyria Star Amirha Greer Amirha Greer Anise Laurenda Anise Laurenda Aquarius Ururu Aquarius Ururu Aquila Auster Aquila Auster Aragorn Silvertooth Aragorn Silvertooth Archaon Everchosen Archaon Everchosen Aresyr Higashikata Aresyr Higashikata Arnica Azalea Arnica Azalea Art Ley Art Ley Asahimaru Onishi Asahimaru Onishi Asecina Denarhia Asecina Denarhia Asteria Nebula Asteria Nebula Auris Corven Auris Corven Aurora Nebula Aurora Nebula Bala Olkund Bala Olkund Bi Bi Bi Bi Big Brian Big Brian Blake Rahz Blake Rahz Bliss Atreyu Bliss Atreyu Blood Doctor Blood Doctor Blue Moonflask Blue Moonflask Brick Bellavel Brick Bellavel Burg Caller Burg Caller Caela Nimbosus Caela Nimbosus Calypso Argentum Calypso Argentum Candy Milk Candy Milk Canned Bread Canned Bread Captain Katz Captain Katz Cattereena Kittykitty Cattereena Kittykitty Cellice Kendaan Cellice Kendaan Chai Jhida Chai Jhida Chappy Boii Chappy Boii Cheez It Cheez It Chibidrin Thallasana Chibidrin Thallasana Chichi Slide Chichi Slide Claude Valentine Claude Valentine Cloakyboi Woke Cloakyboi Woke Cloe Xoxo Cloe Xoxo Cornelius Mackintosh Cornelius Mackintosh Crescent Ley Crescent Ley Daemon Dark Daemon Dark Dalin Maron Dalin Maron Devster Oligos Devster Oligos Dmar Hatake Dmar Hatake Dorgono Borlaaq Dorgono Borlaaq Dorothea Falkenreath Dorothea Falkenreath Dragoslav Ulrich Dragoslav Ulrich Dro'kar Nightflame Dro'kar Nightflame Durara Dura Durara Dura Edward Clocksworth Edward Clocksworth Elicia Aegis Elicia Aegis Eline Roaille Eline Roaille Elisa Irma Elisa Irma Elywin Carrinith Elywin Carrinith Emmralyn Oswaldo Emmralyn Oswaldo Erebus Incarnatus Erebus Incarnatus Erza Scarletto Erza Scarletto Ezra Highwind Ezra Highwind Eztro Gen Eztro Gen Facias Olan Facias Olan Ferarosa Mythdius Ferarosa Mythdius Fernicus Letus Fernicus Letus Fizmire Fizmire Fizmire Fizmire Franco Funes Franco Funes Funky Guy Funky Guy Garrus Sheppard Garrus Sheppard Gary Stevens Gary Stevens Glint Surstride Glint Surstride Gringeldek Windrunner Gringeldek Windrunner Gundobald Wynter Gundobald Wynter Halross Hogamar Halross Hogamar Hau Lei Hau Lei Heath Lacrois Heath Lacrois Heath Lalacrois Heath Lalacrois Heather Preston Heather Preston High Fever High Fever Honey Dill Honey Dill Hrathen Whitaker Hrathen Whitaker Igor Bhalgrim Igor Bhalgrim Ina Lightfellow Ina Lightfellow Ingo Lumine Ingo Lumine Jade Riley Jade Riley Jamie Smalls Jamie Smalls Jason Stone Jason Stone Jellal Fernandess Jellal Fernandess Jojoshen Ninishen Jojoshen Ninishen Jonina Saurfang Jonina Saurfang Juu Seiba Juu Seiba Kaidence Lang Kaidence Lang Kalishae Shadowfire Kalishae Shadowfire Kamiko Miko Kamiko Miko Karma Akabane Karma Akabane Kashima Izanagi Kashima Izanagi Kekeku Keku Kekeku Keku Khojin Iriq Khojin Iriq Kianna Silent Kianna Silent Kiara Moegmhuwyn Kiara Moegmhuwyn Kiore Choco Kiore Choco Kiss Bae Kiss Bae Kyodai Kaalia Kyodai Kaalia Leara Luna Leara Luna Leo Nananji Leo Nananji Lexi Belmont Lexi Belmont Lieno Djt-dvre Lieno Djt-dvre Lilith Sunstorm Lilith Sunstorm Liperion Zodd Liperion Zodd Little Brian Little Brian Little Fish Little Fish Little Quinn Little Quinn Luciaa Valaina Luciaa Valaina Lucrezia Nooin Lucrezia Nooin Lufia Valeth Lufia Valeth Lui Vee Lui Vee Lulushen Lushen Lulushen Lushen Lumi Dreamweaver Lumi Dreamweaver Luna Xx Luna Xx Lutz Izanagi Lutz Izanagi M' Anelia M' Anelia Maffy Taffy Maffy Taffy Maggie Quick Maggie Quick Magnus Quick Magnus Quick Mahimahi Mahi Mahimahi Mahi Manigoldo Cancer Manigoldo Cancer Mary Muffin Mary Muffin Maung Htut Maung Htut Maus Choco Maus Choco Mavin Eridan Mavin Eridan Mo Aizul Mo Aizul Modern Inferno Modern Inferno Momo Tea Momo Tea Momo Tsuki Momo Tsuki Moxie Silent Moxie Silent Mr- Jay Mr- Jay Najmama Najma Najmama Najma Naomi Armitage Naomi Armitage Neko Exedilica Neko Exedilica Neri Mioda Neri Mioda Noah Ankin Noah Ankin Nyelt Lastname Nyelt Lastname Omimi Omi Omimi Omi Onion Little Onion Little P'anna Cotta P'anna Cotta Pain Zangetsu Pain Zangetsu Pearl Rose Pearl Rose Persephone Wufu Persephone Wufu Pezeze Peze Pezeze Peze Pizza Pal Pizza Pal Poe Tayto Poe Tayto Popkwizz Sir Popkwizz Sir Potion Master Potion Master Prince Edwards Prince Edwards Professor Eggplant Professor Eggplant Push Pop Push Pop Quinn Fleetwood Quinn Fleetwood Raina Skye Raina Skye Raistlin Kanon Raistlin Kanon Ren Izumi Ren Izumi Renz Aenz Renz Aenz Rhilla Jesal Rhilla Jesal Ricardo Moves Ricardo Moves Ringo Sauce Ringo Sauce Rockhound Blackstone Rockhound Blackstone Rudy Queengirl Rudy Queengirl Rysera Higashikata Rysera Higashikata Ryuto Amamiya Ryuto Amamiya Salem Djt-nong Salem Djt-nong Salem Lott Salem Lott Salem Moon Salem Moon Seki Ichino Seki Ichino Sen Farstep Sen Farstep Sesela Sela Sesela Sela Shin Shanker Shin Shanker Shino Genhu Shino Genhu Shiro Wolndara Shiro Wolndara Shizue Yumiri Shizue Yumiri Silver Dragoon Silver Dragoon Siv Gaming Siv Gaming Sleepy Macka Sleepy Macka Soctch Scotch Soctch Scotch Solara Dawn Solara Dawn Stevens Gary Stevens Gary Stitches Tiber Stitches Tiber Storm Onyxia Storm Onyxia Suki Yomi Suki Yomi Suna'li Novraala Suna'li Novraala Sunsetfire Pixie Sunsetfire Pixie Tahlis Saphiren Tahlis Saphiren Tanto Tiber Tanto Tiber Tatsuyo Uzuka Tatsuyo Uzuka Thjor Bebegutroc Thjor Bebegutroc Tiny Trouble Tiny Trouble Tokkah Tokkai Tokkah Tokkai Tre Sinai Tre Sinai Tsutsumi Tsumi Tsutsumi Tsumi Valen Mojette Valen Mojette Vaquin Gladeus Vaquin Gladeus Velvet Scar Velvet Scar Vigilabo Fox Vigilabo Fox Violet Thistle Violet Thistle Vitnael Haragin Vitnael Haragin War Frost War Frost Wax Trax Wax Trax Winter Wolfs Winter Wolfs Wolf Belmont Wolf Belmont Woolly Sheepie Woolly Sheepie Xasthur Levat Xasthur Levat Xephyr Asunder Xephyr Asunder Xeriox Delta Xeriox Delta Xia Kami Xia Kami Yoichi Isagi Yoichi Isagi Yosaku Aozora Yosaku Aozora Yranta Vaie Yranta Vaie Yuikiri Snow Yuikiri Snow Yuimeh Kiyu Yuimeh Kiyu Yuki Lowlander Yuki Lowlander Yuki Sashihai Yuki Sashihai Yuno Yakamuda Yuno Yakamuda Yuruzu Yuziri Yuruzu Yuziri Zansetsu Wadda Zansetsu Wadda Zaya Khatayin Zaya Khatayin Zelia Skye Zelia Skye Zuba Lin'dora Zuba Lin'dora Zythorion Necros Zythorion Necros