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Remnants of Hope

Rank 30 Free Company "Remnants of Hope" was formed on and registered on with ID 9229001536389098732. Last set of interviews conducted on .

has the following slogan:

Come Check Us Out and apply on our website!

Operates on Jenova, Aether, leaving tags "RoH" all over the place and increasing glory of Immortal FlamesImmortal Flames.

Has this message on its plot placard:

Welcome to the Remnants of Hope FC Headquarters! We're a community that is family friendly and inclusive! Check us out at: www.remnantsofhope.c

Participates in:

  • Role-playingRole-playing
  • LevelingLeveling
  • CasualCasual
  • HardcoreHardcore
  • DungeonsDungeons
  • GuildhestsGuildhests
  • TrialsTrials
  • RaidsRaids
  • PvPPvP
Has an open community.

Is recruiting:

  • TankTank
  • HealerHealer
  • CrafterCrafter
  • GathererGatherer

Current members:

White Waltz Guild Master White Waltz Mash Figaro Divi Commander Mash Figaro Ira Nil Recruit Officer Ira Nil Thya Kitty'chelle EO Officer Thya Kitty'chelle Nimbus Nion Recruit Assist Nimbus Nion Ras Nightsong Recruit Assist Ras Nightsong Rasmont Nightsong Recruit Assist Rasmont Nightsong Garris Tharron RP Officer Garris Tharron Grimtoki Uzuka Trial Member Grimtoki Uzuka M'rhina Vastani Trial Member M'rhina Vastani Nine Forton Trial Member Nine Forton Ajjaxx Boedromius EC/CM Ajjaxx Boedromius Galatea Acis EC/CM Galatea Acis Aria Umbara RP Assistant Aria Umbara Drake Luna RP Assistant Drake Luna Muxe'a Zalkia RP Assistant Muxe'a Zalkia Niri Yonagi RP Assistant Niri Yonagi Tensei Suitai RP Assistant Tensei Suitai Theodan Dawnbringer RP Assistant Theodan Dawnbringer Azami Yahsra EO Assistant Azami Yahsra Khalja Kharlu EO Assistant Khalja Kharlu Lunrha Mewrilah EO Assistant Lunrha Mewrilah Melo Sol EO Assistant Melo Sol Nysa Tswarra EO Assistant Nysa Tswarra Percival Thoreoux EO Assistant Percival Thoreoux Toralea Lunaria EO Assistant Toralea Lunaria Wulvrynn Moengridawyn EO Assistant Wulvrynn Moengridawyn Adrisella Mihata Member Adrisella Mihata Aelith Luna Member Aelith Luna Ahran Steradian Member Ahran Steradian Aighas Remxer Member Aighas Remxer Akito Yoshizawa Member Akito Yoshizawa Aldrich Mystcroft Member Aldrich Mystcroft Alia Luna Member Alia Luna Amai Yonagi Member Amai Yonagi Angst Delgato Member Angst Delgato Aoiumi Usagi Member Aoiumi Usagi Arkysua Hyacintho Member Arkysua Hyacintho Arrigen Devlin Member Arrigen Devlin Aurelia Zenith Member Aurelia Zenith Aust Moonwhisper Member Aust Moonwhisper Autumn Rosalyn Member Autumn Rosalyn Azra Duskthorn Member Azra Duskthorn Barnaby Rucksford Member Barnaby Rucksford Bellix Grey Member Bellix Grey Bry Medekh Member Bry Medekh Cenne Hyskaris Member Cenne Hyskaris Chantelle Sweet Member Chantelle Sweet Dark Dubster Member Dark Dubster Dex Kalton Member Dex Kalton Dexkal Starkal Member Dexkal Starkal Draynar Elorian Member Draynar Elorian Eisen Yogensha Member Eisen Yogensha Ember'fox Martin Member Ember'fox Martin Emih Mhezzo Member Emih Mhezzo Emih Mhezzo Member Emih Mhezzo Erik Mynhier Member Erik Mynhier Fate Bloodraven Member Fate Bloodraven Flyp Adol Member Flyp Adol Frarry Emberfury Member Frarry Emberfury Galakros Sorokov Member Galakros Sorokov Geneticcz Xv Member Geneticcz Xv Grumpy Void Member Grumpy Void Haise Sesshomaru Member Haise Sesshomaru Iljada Dolabnha Member Iljada Dolabnha Ilthas Fujin Member Ilthas Fujin Indigo Vishnu Member Indigo Vishnu Jinx Facade Member Jinx Facade Kaed Grimolf Member Kaed Grimolf Kalos Boryn Member Kalos Boryn Keaira Fishy Member Keaira Fishy Keneli Rakeli Member Keneli Rakeli Khalix Raka Member Khalix Raka Kojakian Charles Member Kojakian Charles Kojakian Kincade Member Kojakian Kincade Kord Shuka Member Kord Shuka Kuiladae Kiht Member Kuiladae Kiht Lalatina Hanso Member Lalatina Hanso Lexa Lovelle Member Lexa Lovelle Lilu The-destroyer Member Lilu The-destroyer Liquid Entropy Member Liquid Entropy Luca Mayoi Member Luca Mayoi Lumynis Asteria Member Lumynis Asteria Maaku Iyasu Member Maaku Iyasu Mandala Lens Member Mandala Lens Maya'to Baella Member Maya'to Baella Merinda Sunrider Member Merinda Sunrider Mid Fleshofoblivion Member Mid Fleshofoblivion Mjrsa Zhel Member Mjrsa Zhel Myra Xelhan Member Myra Xelhan Na'vin Tycho Member Na'vin Tycho Natty Catty Member Natty Catty Odhani Aeyila Member Odhani Aeyila Old Coyote Member Old Coyote Osha Molkot Member Osha Molkot Parn Brightscale Member Parn Brightscale Persephone Huin Member Persephone Huin Poison Oak Member Poison Oak Rahli'a Epocan Member Rahli'a Epocan Raiden Wolfheart Member Raiden Wolfheart Rayne Oizys Member Rayne Oizys Rinh Lhenkolhi Member Rinh Lhenkolhi Ro'sham Boh Member Ro'sham Boh Rocko Bardhold Member Rocko Bardhold Rose Martin Member Rose Martin Rowen Walker Member Rowen Walker Rriak Darcy Member Rriak Darcy Saiya Shinta Member Saiya Shinta Sammy Highwind Member Sammy Highwind Sariel Amastacia Member Sariel Amastacia Serenia Mialynn Member Serenia Mialynn Shiohei Navidad Member Shiohei Navidad Shiroi-usagi Roh Member Shiroi-usagi Roh Solana Norixius Member Solana Norixius Sorcha Heart Member Sorcha Heart Svydyr Fraewyn Member Svydyr Fraewyn Taeryn Rynn Member Taeryn Rynn Taliyahna Stargazer Member Taliyahna Stargazer The Tank Member The Tank Theodin Morgoth Member Theodin Morgoth Tobana Mihata Member Tobana Mihata Tup Kinjo Member Tup Kinjo Tyrinn Dzokhk Member Tyrinn Dzokhk Vale Croft Member Vale Croft Van Whitehart Member Van Whitehart Venus Rynn Member Venus Rynn Virulenc Rivendare Member Virulenc Rivendare Vyndaria Shirayu Member Vyndaria Shirayu Wil Marshall Member Wil Marshall Willow Outlander Member Willow Outlander Wry Bread Member Wry Bread X'vier Delioncourt Member X'vier Delioncourt Xerif Kunaima Member Xerif Kunaima Y'shzara Rahz Member Y'shzara Rahz Yavia Moondust Member Yavia Moondust Yui Mizuno Member Yui Mizuno Zerality Griffnation Member Zerality Griffnation Zexxar Kun Member Zexxar Kun Zlinkly Freyman Member Zlinkly Freyman